February 14, 2014


With depth covered, the next topic is breadth.  How wide the expanse?  There used to be a term, Renaissance Man, that described people who had a seeming knowledge of everything.  The first two names that come to mind are Walter Russell and Linus Pauling.  

When you find out the diversity of things that Russell was into - your jaw drops.  This man was the sculptor of many famous busts in the first half of the 20th century - two Roosevelts, Mark Twain and his characters.  That is an accomplishment of a lifetime - it was one of many things Walter Russell did well.  Yet somehow, I fail to see a Russell pedestal anywhere that toots his horn.  Russell had his own form of spiral periodic table that worked comparably to the Medeleev form - it doesn't make the cut in today's chemistry texts.

Linus Pauling is the guy who was wrong, then right, then wrong, then right about vitamin C.  His activity within the peace movement of the 1960's created a lot of people that disliked what Pauling stood for - so they attacked his reputation.  People do not realize that Pauling's major work - The Nature of the Chemical Bond is the best chemistry text every written to explain how things work on a molecular basis.  Linus was also instrumental in the race to the chemical structure of DNA - won by Crick and Watson based on the wonderful work of Rosalind Franklin.

That age, the middle of the previous century, was when the cogent attempt to change the knowledge base was happening.  The people out in front of the sciences were true renaissance men; other folks could not grasp the science that was placed ahead of the practicality of everyday life.  The idea that a pursuit of truth in a new form, with new equipment and ideas, seemed a promise at the turn of the century - but two world wars took the world on another track.  Science was used to further the war state: the marriage of technology with science produced the 'goodies' and 'baddies' we play with today.  It also resulted in great depth in a number of areas that led to less breadth within the persons that pursued those areas.

Each historian interprets history in their own weigh - looking at events that shape thinking on many scales and levels.  The assumption of the German position from WW2 in governance operations and education has led us to a current crisis - where the spinning globe is spinning off kilter for the human race as we currently watch.  

The direction that we took changed when there was nobody left who understood everything to the point where integration passed and differentiation remained.  In less than mathematical terms - there is nobody running the ship of the greater society.  Too much complexity of depth and not enough deep people with the breadth to cover all the topics and the time to think about them, when not employed at some make-work job.  All jobs are make-work in today's whirled.  Thyme to read Foundation by Isaac Asimov.

The inside joke of lemme howdt is to let me out from the day-to-day empire.  Action accomplished, that movie is changed.  For lemme - he is happily isolated on a world in the sphere of love sounding - #44.  This world has a connector to world #177 - mind minding.  This section of the map will be the initial setting for a few of the first stories of the great coming together, in response to the long descent.  

A world made by hand cannot be achieved by exploring the linear axes of time and space - we cast our line anew.  The tales of adventure will replace the old line heroes journey with a sense of how each individual responds to a group adventure.  Gains and losses get measured in different weighs, depending on the interactive journeys of individual player characters as they negotiate the new earth.

Now - the breadth of the new landscape of the new earth has yet to be established.  Each area created by the pairing of Treei themes will take on a sense of perspective that runs within the theme.  The choice of theme is set for the players at the beginning of the game based on the entrance form into the game.  That - has yet to be determined and is not germane to the task at hand.  First task is to be yourself and look inward to decide what it is that you want to be and to do in this creative fantasy land where you play a role in the investigation of knowledge.  

To see the big picture emerge from the perspective of a diversity of little pictures is the goal.  Each game is a scientific experiment to collect knowledge in a form that can produce different looking results.  The average of results over a longer period of time will demonstrate trends and the analysis of trends will determine the pathways available in future experimental games.  The games may not be fair, but they will give every player the same footing in a similar situation.  Just like life.

The specific goal is to conceptualize what life is like on the next larger fractal levels.  We are very good at finding life at smaller and smaller levels - as our biological sciences have been able to dissect the individuals and provide highly accurate anatomy and physiology sciences.  That chemistry and biology are supposed to meet together in biochemistry is a problem - because the direction that one approaches the topic initiates from a different belief system - even though there is only one whole.  This is the nature of duality and in the new sense of oneness - this picture must be converged to make proper sense and become technically correct.  

Nature provides the overlap and we know it works.  How it works is something we do not know, but we are messing with the metabolism of a living planet.  To try to impress ideas of science that are incorrect as to describe how nature works without being proper to chemistry is a fiction that has become the basis for both the medical establishment and big pharma.  We as humans are responsible to all other species on this planet to get real and learn this area accurately, before we start playing with nuclear plant meltdowns and genetic engineering.

When each depth has its own reality and does not report to the general breadth of knowledge - then we have to pull the plug and start again. This needs to be done on a local level, not a global level, to reestablish a form of reality that will give the present a better shape.  Together we can evaluate mass, form, flow, power, love, sound, mind, and void and integrate them all into a working system that treats Gaia better than being an extraction, plumbing and sewage system for a single species.

Namaste' ...  doc

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