February 07, 2014

Chemistry 101: Water

Talking chemistry on the radio is always fulfilling for Doctor Lenny Thyme.  Class was held on USA Prepares with Vincent Fanelli, this morning, and we talked a bit about what is chemistry and what is water.  Water is the universal solvent - a polar molecule that is so tiny that it gets into everything.  They idea of how tiny water is is mind boggling - i used a common analogy.

Imagine a one liter soda bottle filled with water.  There are 55.5 moles of water in a liter - water weighs 18 grams per mole and the density of water is one gram per milliliter.  The number of individual water molecules in the jar is on the order of 10 to the power of 25.  A trillion is ten to the power of twelve, so there would be slightly more water atoms than a trillion trillions in the soda bottle.  Now remind me of the density of the population of humans on earth.

I think that structured water is a key to comprehending the changes that are currently happening on earth.  The weather changes are being geo-engineered to meet an agenda that does not appear to include the sanctity of life.  All life comes about from water - which is an integral part of all processes of life.  Water is formed in combustion reactions that provide motive energy and consumed in the biological growth of plants and animals.  I believe that water is sentient - readers may wish to go back to November 2013 and read the sequence of water posts - through the two Ice posts at the start of January.

Credit for the updated thinking goes to Gerald Pollack at UW and Mae Wan Ho of the UK.  The two books - The Fourth Phase of Water and Living Rainbow Water and becoming dog-eared on my shelf - the limit has been shift by a clear order of magnitude, maybe two.  Thinking of water in terms of water scale opens us up to imaginary reality.

So if i am a water molecule in the great ocean of water molecules, how do i know self?  There are three individual degrees of freedom for me as long as hydrogen exchange is prohibited - they are the symmetrical stretch of both hydrogen atoms away from the central oxygen, the assymetrical stretch where one hydrogen atom is pushed while the other is pulled and the angle of the bond between the hydrogen-oxygen-hydrogen set.  The normal value in free water is taken as an average - all the individual atoms are in constant motion and these molecular motions vary within ,normal cultural limits'.

When an individual water atom becomes part of a bio-molecule - it is generally fit into a structural capacity where the water atom is contorted away from the standard parameters.  The alignment depends on hydrogen bonding to other elements and attractions caused by proximity of other non-water elements, compounds, and structures.  The water atom takes a circuitous path around the biosphere until it gets returned to the water system and dumped back into the massive oceans.  My guess is that the water molecule likes being needed and remembers its non-oceanic excursions in a weigh as to try to return to that environment.

Water behaves just like people behave - or should i say, people behave just like water behaves.  Chemistry makes a good model system for sociology - because like attracts like and certain things cause friction.  The whirled changes and Gaia needs us to stand up for the water on earth - to stop using water for sewage facilitation and to clean up the messes of an over-boisterous corporate human population that appears to have no conscience.  It tries to but the water, rather than being a being of water.  Hard to fathom.

Namaste' ...  doc

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