February 01, 2014

GMOs and current reality

As a chemist, i wish to enlighten deeper upon a specific of GMOs.
    All Bt corn and other Bt crops are GE's but all GE's are not Bt.  Bt is a bacterium - In the case of Bt corn, the donor organism is a naturally occurring soil bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis, and the gene of interest produces a protein that kills Lepidoptera larvae, in particular, European corn borer. 
     But even more key - there is a second regulatory function of DNA beyond protein construction - the over layer has to do with regulatory function.  None of the current GMO technology takes this into account - we are causing nerve system damage, along with other internal regulatory systems.  No wonder the sharp rise in MS and MD. (Multiple sclerosis and Muscular Dystrophy).
     The world reminds me of the Fleetwood Mac song - Gold Dust Woman.  Time to Pick up the pieces and go home.  Focus internal and let the external side past as things move from the ridiculous to the sublime.  While we remain aside, we will have to unplug the dark side of technology and develop better working functions based on realistic models.

     What we know now and what we are told are two different things.  The advance of science has removed science comprehension from the lay public.  The lay public has continued to think about science as it was presented to them in middle school - a sequence of deconstructed focus that each govern a different area of discovery.  That they are all related into a single natural operating system is beyond the ken of most lay people's credulity.  But they are.
     Here is the doc's eye view of the game.  There something going on around here.  What it is ain't exactly clear.  But - STOP, hey : What's that sound? : Everybody look what's going down.  That scientists confirm something does not impress me in the least - as a university educated scientist, I have constructed my world view based on simple concepts and deep thought.  I read a lot and i ask questions and i change parameters when new ideas come in and replace old outmoded pretense.  But science only gives lip service to that - they are shaping the world model for you to see things their way.  It's time to find your weigh to the sun.
    Some bright young person should come up with a keystroke sequence to make the musical note symbol.  Italics today signify song lyrics from the cognitive dissonance that was the 2nd half of the 20th century.  The weigh to begin to fix the problems is by changing the mindset away from the one that created those issues.  We all know our own stuff, now we should find our weigh around that stuff to implement change that meets needs using a different configuration of form to change the flow.  
    We, the collective of lemme, doc and Hari', plus our straw man and our inner child form a collective of five egos each screaming for attention within a single unique balanced individual.  The egos do not drive the person - love is about dissolving the ego of self and letting go in surrender to the things that are and will always be.   Once you detach from you as your roles, and realize that you are greater than the sum of those roles and ego - well, you can drop the pretense of personal ego and work with other peeps to establish the new earth for yourself and for Gaia.
    Another key toward thinking for yourself is what Lovelock called small science.  Small science consists of each of us measuring, monitoring and asking questions that require answers to make the system work, no matter the size and scope of the system in play.  All systems are in play at every sense of scale and there are rules that govern such systems.  If system crash is taken as an absolute, then we need to develop new weighs of looking at the same systems and bringing them back in different configuration for future paradigms.  
     To do this, we must get real with our own point of views and turn off the anxiety - detach from the flow.  Think, read, study and focus on your own specific area and get as good as you can be - we will need all the areas to be covered, but the order and the flow are to be determined by events that take place beyond our control.  So don't sweat them.  Surrender to the idea that love wins and things are gonna be all right.
     Namaste' ...  doc w Hari'

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