February 25, 2014

Group Theory II: The quality of number

When number are used to portray quantity, everybody gets the count.  Use numbers for the sense of quality and people melt down and complain about math.  Yet both are sides of the same coin and we get loads of information by looking at the weigh the numbers show trends that are real or are not.  The math of today's schools is designed to chase people away from real understanding - you get their reel information by watching their tele and listening to their voices put you to sleep.  Not me.

To get to Fibonacci level of five is to get six fold deep.  The count is 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 - five is the sixth number in the sequence.  Each space between the numbers takes the same amount of time to make the next jump.  The jump can be up to the next fib number, down to the previous fib number or to the same level as you are already on.  However - when you reach any level of group, you can always return to the one - you.  The second one is the whole, in this case, this group.

You are always you, even when embedded into a group.  The number of the people in the group can be reset to a one as a group, if there is agreement between the persons in that group.  When this happens, it changes the dynamics of the lower level orders.   To change the perspective of a group is to change levels of the golden mean ratio sequence.  

When we get up to a group of eight, the choices for the next group are - go up to a group of thirteen - go down to a group of five or hold forth as a group of eight.  Any number between a Fibonacci group resonates to the number of its direction of arrival.  Thus, once a group reaches eight, then six and seven are part of that group as well as nine thru twelve until either five or thirteen change the fractal.  

At each Fibonacci number, the order of the group changes as a dynamic function of the size of the group.  Each individual's influence in the whole is diluted, and the group takes on a different nature from the prior size rendition.  There is always a one, that is each individual.  The initiator of a new group of one, that expands larger than a group of eight has a changed responsibility, once the next fractal is attained.  

The history of the group morphs through each next number and the amount of time shrinks on a relative basis while remaining constant on an absolute basis.  Thus rapid growth - has the power to break through limits that would otherwise stop a flow that didn't have enough pace to carry forth to the next sequential Fibonacci number.

So let's look at a group of 21. { Paige - if you are here , listen - your group hit 23 on the first go - so this is the fractal in play - uniquely large for an opening salvo. }  The options for growth are - 34 to the next upper limit - 13 to the shrink wrap limit - 14 to 33 as the treading of water on the range clock - and you with a sub-group team of whatever fractal level you wish to call the previous one ( like five or three or two {Danny}), and then one you as you will always be you.  This is a 9th level group.

One can see how options manifest - especially when you consider that groups of 21 are collections of smaller groups of 2, 3 and 5 with the eight and thirteen that followed the treadle of the growth pattern.  Take a look at this mushroom and you can see the pattern unfold in nature - the beige trim is an eight.

Namaste' ...  doc

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