February 24, 2014

Losing our Religion

Monday morning metaphysics returns with a question - if we comprehend the vastness of the scale of life - why do we insist on a search for life across the vast distances of time and space on the human quantum scale, instead of looking deeper and broader at the manifestations of life across all scales of being.   

Or to paraphrase - if we can keep going smaller and smaller and finding life in novel forms : things like virus' and mitochondria :  then why are the only larger entity that we can envision are rocks and stars?  It seems to me that if we start studying emergent behavior we can understand life as the continuum that it is over every scale and develop some imaginative theories of what might be of a grander scale.

The oort cloud that contains hydrogen that our solar system has moved into is enough science to explain global warming.  The fact that the sun burns hotter is manifest by the increase in temperature on neighboring planets - Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter all are increasing in global temperature too.   

The gentlemen who have brought together the hypothesis of an electric universe deserve kudos for stepping outside the science box and looking at things in a new weigh.  They also listen to Gerry Pollack - who is out there far enough to get the balls rolling downward off the limb of his branches.   If we add the rainbow of Mae Wan Ho - we can start to see that there is more there there than meets the eye.

Let us return to the concept of emergent behavior associated with growth.  We know enough anatomy and physiology to understand biochemistry - but the mechanisms of how this works are locked into a comprehension system that has been distorted to meet the needs of non-human entities.  The entire medical establishment profits from our illness and is anti-life.  

Semantics aside - we really need to stop fouling our nest immediately, if we wish to have a valid chance to sustain life on planet earth.  If we buy into Lovelock and Margulis' theory of Gaia as a living entity - then we have a handle on how to envision larger forms.

Lovelock also wrote an essay called small science.  He specified that science was an approach common to most 10 year olds - as they bailed and bluffed their way though the system of integration with all that is.  Before life got crowded and peeps became fearful, many children got to see how things happened by participating in some aspect of life where they could learn a trade by observation and receive proper social skills from interaction with folks from all walks of life.  The idea that youth are segregated by age and kept in barbarous conditions to learn how to manipulate the current social game never dawns on the adults that perpetrate the mess - the school system makes money.  What a sad commentary.

So instead of learning science by indoctrination in school - how can we allow our kids to learn life through experiential learning?  How do we share our quest for knowledge with their proper innocence and help kids grow with love and peace in nurturing environments, rather than the prisons we currently call middle school?  As we bring change - can we stop the mechanisms to the point where we can evaluate alternatives, rather than rushing forward at blistering pace to wherever the rudderless ship happens to be going?  We need to do some things vastly differently.  Just imagine ...

Namaste' ...  Doc

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