February 17, 2014

Myth Change and Climate Change

     I am stepping out on the blog and talking in broad terms about things like depth and width. Other scientists, especially the university based PhD's, seem to be protecting a hidden agenda with their off the topic thoughts.  My thoughts are that they are piled higher and deeper in their own little world - which is an individual construct.  Each of us have the capacity to think to that depth - the degree is notice that such person has jumped thru the formal hoops.  Remember the reason for education as a formal construct in the first place - to implant a common myth.

   There are new things being revealed each day.  If we hang up on too many areas outside of our personal knowledge base - then we are diluting our time spent on the things we feel are important.  My work on group theory in chemistry is applicable to the social structure - and entirely different in the approach.  I am in beta testing on myself - it has to work for me before i can share the system.  It also has to work for anybody - so i like finding extremely difficult people to work with.  Like you.  We are all extremely difficult and very easy at the same time.

   Things that happen in the world are being driven by a hard toxic agenda.  Ours would be not to reason why, but just to do and die - if we believe that mythos.  We don't.  However, in the absence of a system that works, we have to make due with what we have - or bring the change.  Keep filming, keep studying and don't spend too much time paying attention to the games on a global scale.  This focus area can be summed up by a simple two word construct - Power Voiding.  The current power is shifting, but to where - are the meek to inherit the earth?  Perhaps we are the meek.

    Enjoy monday morning - this may be kinda deep - but i think that if we each stay on path - the light will prevails from this apparent whirled of darkness.

Namaste' ...  hari'

On another note - people have been inquiring about chemtrails and geo-engineering - as doc, i have been part of the information exchange - appearing in Michael Murphy's movie What in the World are they Spraying?  as lemme, i have been listening to the spirited channels of the ascended masters and seeking wisdom from completely outside the scientific sphere.  The following text is taken from Dr. Kathryn May, PhD - who claims to be channeling while presenting this information.  Doc has a PhD in chemistry - has put in the time and effort to know how molecules work.  Remember - PhD : the BS is Piled Higher and Deeper.  But Uncle Albert says 'Imagination is more important than knowledge.'  You decide.

namaste' ...  doc

from PAO e-mail

There has been a very good example of this need in your current experience. The snow is falling in historic amounts in the East of the U.S. while the West is experiencing historic drought. "Chem" (chemical) trails have filled the skies in both places, crisscrossing the sky in checkerboard patterns. You are told they are only the vapor from jet planes in their regular flights. If you believe this, you have been completely hoodwinked. It is easy enough for anyone who cares to question this to discover that flight paths are carefully monitored and constructed in such a way that airplanes would never criss-cross one another at similar altitudes. Your air traffic control would not permit such traffic patterns on the part of commercial jets.
You have been told officially told that HAARP is indeed a weather monitoring system, and that clouds can be seeded to produce rain. If this is true, why have they permitted the devastating drought to continue? Why is there no official explanation for the lack of positive results when there are obviously constant trails in the skies across the entire country? Would it not be an obvious conclusion, using only the facts, that the immediate result of the chem trails is indeed what we see immediately following their appearance? This would require, of course, that you be willing to open your mind to the possibility that there is indeed a group in power who are engineering the very droughts and floods you see happening around the world.
You protest, "But that doesn't make sense! Why would anyone want to destroy the crops (in the West) and bring the greatest business centers on Earth to a standstill?" Why indeed? You have heard the term, "Follow the money." Now, do it. Who would benefit from the failure of the crops that are being currently grown, while simultaneously rescuing their businesses from the investigations and prosecutions which are now underway? The producers of GMO technology and its accompanying profitable factory farm procedures. Billions of dollars are at stake. People are awakening to the truth that their food supply is dangerous and toxic to humanity, and that it is being controlled by a few very powerful corporations.
Now, in addition to following the money, you must also follow the legislation being written and passed in governments around the world. GMO crops have been banned in large areas across the world, and action is being taken in small communities across the U.S., in the absence of Congressional action. The market for these ungodly creations has been shrinking. Does it seem logical to investigate why the areas with the greatest vulnerability to being taken over by these practices are the very ones being manipulated in this latest "environmental disaster?"
We recommend that you watch the movie, "Thrive" if you wish to have a beginner's background for understanding what is happening on your dear planet this week, this month, this year. It has been a struggle between Light and Dark. You have been at the center of this struggle. How can you remain asleep while the destiny of the entire population - human, flora and fauna - of your entire planet is being decided?

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