February 04, 2014


Once we have mass, formed into a system that is alive and flowing, the power generated, used in love, creates sound.  Sound is audible audio - or so i hear.  Sound is the voice that emphasizes the collection of intrigues that went into building the creative replacement illusion.  I tend to listen more than i speak; once you wind me up and get me speaking, i rarely hear what is said.  I have confidence in my sound - as a voice for Gaia.

Sound is best expressed in musical form.  The lyrics of songs recorded are the poetry of the 20th and 21st centuries - telling stories of how things are or how they are supposed to be.  Everything is perfect, just not the weigh we want it all the time.  The sound of silence is one that brings us back to the reality that true silence is very difficult to achieve - there is always sound of some sort.

When all the data comes back after the experiment is done, the numbers hold the sequence of reporting what happened.  After the paper is written - it is sent off to the sounding board of peer review - where the experts see if the theory holds weight against the body of what is already known.  If science is truly the discovery of things unknown, then fitting in becomes part of the status quo.  There is more depth out there than we can get to with out current designs - we are limited by the boxes that we build around ourselves.

The best parody on sound that i can remember is from Get Smart - the cone of silence.  The Chief and Maxwell could not hear at all in the bubble and shouted secrets at each other so that everyone else in the room could hear.  Old comedy reveals so much about the current cognitive dissonance of our society - too much tower of babble within the English language - words can be interpreted for multiple use.  But not sound.

When a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?  Animals use sound to activate their senses - they get used to the background and can sense a difference immediately - often as self preservation.  The sounds of nature, when humanity is removed, are soothing and have meanings that can be read like a book.  But how many of us read, when we can watch the video on youtube and hear the actors tell us the story.  The truncated story in the image of the director.  The story they want us to hear.  The hero's journey, with us against everyone and everything and isolated in our aloneness.  The hermit likes being alone, yet we are all one and we will have to make the change that Gaia is bringing, to remain alive and vibrant

A very loud sound usually signifies alarm.  Sirens go off to alert people that there is something going on.  We clap our hands in appreciation of a good performance - has anyone figured out the sound of one hand clapping?  I was so good at musical sounds at one point that i could name that tune in less than three notes.  To lose the ability to register sound must be terribly difficult for the elderly, they have my love and compassion.

There is a quality to sound.  The bringing together of harmonies with musical instrumentation and voice is a basis set for our entertainment industry - one of the things that we should keep is our ability to sing a song.  If you want the highest quality sound for a personal headphone system - use the link to Triad audio and check out their lisa3.  There is always a means to make a cleaner signal - but there are trade offs in the electronic designs - the music sounds good.

Sound comes about from frequencies that are in the audio range - where our ears can hear them.  Bats have radar and audio in the microwave region - cell towers are highly confusing and mostly dangerous to bats and bees.  Gaia needs for us to look at frequency ranges throughout the sound spectrum, throughout the light spectrum, and throughout the harmonic spectrum of fractal reality and make our place in a calm range of being.  

I can sound off to pull the techno-plug on things that appear anti-life, I support Gaia.  We need to change our behavior - each one of us, until all of us have a place to share a common joy - a unity where we all agree to be and let it be.  Nature is our life support system - lets sound off together and make this the place we vision as seen in our dreams.

Namaste' ...  doc Hari'

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