February 28, 2014

Time gets Lost

Sometimes, the fractal reality slows us down, and sometimes fractal reality speeds us up. The clocks are set to encumber time and partition it into segments, so that we can take a second or two to catch our breath.  Time limits us to an artificial overlay that pre-supposes that we require a constraint.  Life is ephemeral - just one poof.

When i get lost into the fictions revolving about my own mind, i sometimes find that hours worth of thought took me roughly 15 minutes to accomplish.  The zen state where everything is tooned howdt except the desired thought of focus is a place that i only go to when i know that i have undisturbed time.  If i get taken away from my meditative state - i cannot attain the thought level to where I was unless i put in the same effort again.  This is a drill skill, but to think flat and even on the ground is absolutely necessary before attempting to travel at altitude.  

Whereas formerly, i required brain candy;  i find now that i can regress into any experience that i have ever had. In addition, i can alter that holographic experience to remember it how i wish it to be, rather than how it really was.  I can see where a lot of peeps do this and imagine their own hero story based on the failures in actual experience and the myths of how those failures could have been changed to victories.  There is a single weigh to alter consciousness - change perspective.

Not so easy - you say.  The current method of distribution of resources is so badly askew, that to participate on any level other than to attain your own individual maintenance is foolish risk taking - the events of the day seem to be orchestrated as a larger stage play where the outcome has already been decided.  The actors continue in their roles because of lack of insight.  If you can see your own role, then you have the ability to direct the scenario.  

You must decide for yourself whether your role in the other person's play requires audition.  The setting is what you see around you; travel to where you wish to be and there is a setting there that you can set as home turf.  There is a lot of study that goes into each role - you are a supporting actor in every other endeavor except your own.  You get to be a shadow of your self - from a different perspective.

We are each the featured performer in you own existence and you get to allocate the time that you have.  When you partition it into days - then you see the whirled in a daze.  I have a calendar where one tree day equals 64 human days and the sequence evolves in rotation such that 64 years makes one tree year.  Til then, we are all but babes in the woods.  If each day requires a focus - then i can run the gamut of perspectives every 64 days.  If i blink - then my daze is complete.

Let's watch Gaia evolve through the current situation and then see what we have left to deal with.  Miracles happen, when you allow them to.  Believe in yourself, then choose others to believe in.  Come join our unity group and search with people that have let go of the furor and embraced love, as the music plays and we enjoy being with each other.  We generally have something going on at 11:00 am PST - a guided meditation or open discussion.  

Namaste' ...  Hari'

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