February 08, 2014


And on the eighth day, there is rest in the empty nest of the void.  Expansion of nothingness.  The state of being where is is good enough.  The place we seek on our meditation.  The place where we can step back and see that we have done good.  The final component of our harmonic set of concepts that need to be investigated individually and in pairs in order to see things through a different light. The completion of axes of our grid of sixtyfour.

The mass took form and began to flow in power and love such that the sound stuck the mind - thyme for contemplation in the void.  The absence of attachment to the idea that sparked the sequence.  We give homage to brother Armando for creating the Treei concept and his teachers, which include Alan Watts.  The sense that nothing is real leaves us with nothing to get hung about - imagine strawberry fields forever.  Or not.

Void is quiet silence of knowing and then going deeper beyond knowing.  It is using each other aspect after the fact and evaluating how the integrity of the package could be improved on the next cycle - because every 64 days signifies the start of that new cycle.  As soon as the void voids, then the lights are going out, one by one, across the world ... then a new day shall dawn for those that go on and the mass masses as though for the first time, on another level of expansion into emergent behavior ... climbing a stairway to heaven

void where prohibited - you must be 64 days or older to qualify to read this disclaimer.

Namaste' ...  doc

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