February 12, 2014

Why Weigh?

The wise attempt to clarify the whys, while everyone else tries to keep their heads above water.  The question is why?  The ability to accomplish anything is based upon your endurance toward the task - keep at it for enough hours and eventually you will see the weigh.  

When we measure, we are looking for quality and quantity.  The two balance and are measured in different manners.  But how can we know about things that we cannot measure?  For instance - where is your mind when your body is asleep?  How do you know that your dreams are not real?  What happens at the biochemical level that gradually builds up energy for the next day's expense?  How do we know what to believe, when so much of our information comes from compromised sources?

To seek answers to these questions falls into the bounds of physics and meta-physics.  Here, we do chemistry - we take for granted that atoms and molecules do exist even though we cannot see them.  Our arts of spectroscopy and chromatography allow identification after separation - if we can isolate something that produces proper spectra - then we can say we know from a point of fact.

But what is that point?  It is a developed consistency with the means of extracting information, by resolving discrepancy by reasonable explanation.  Reason is based on experience, which is what used to get published as science, before the game became to keep the system consistent while allowing the world to vary.  Heisenberg just wasn't sure - momentum/position - how did it clarify?  Only at the quantum level...

A quantum is a unit of one.  It is a category, not an item.  By fixing the quantum numbers, you identify the one.  Each has an origin in a physical property - like spin.  We are really, really good at spinning - look at how the media changes the story to flash the party line.  If only it was a real party, rather than those boringly useless politicians.  I stopped paying attention for the time being - the goal of our worship.  

The time being: she is currently in control of everybody's destiny.   When we live in the moment of now, we are open to all of nature's creations to talk, to use and to integrate with our souls.  The bonding that provides the chemical energy between atoms is similar to the bonding between two people that converge into the present now - where point of view determines the outcomes of many endeavors.  If you think it will work, pursue the concept and it will work.  Have doubts?  Time to pack it in (for now) and investigate deeper.  How do you evaluate?  Use the weigh.

The criteria of the weigh are whatever you make them.  As more people converge onto the weigh, the measurement will take on different forms and more solid grounding.  To get statistical significance, we require about thirty trials over whatever time period is necessary.  To tell if something will work the first time is a trick of the game now, because humans hardly give things that don't work a second chance.  But we all have needed one at some point and taking a second chance is not a bad idea - if you think the first chance should have worked.  The world is charmed and strange.

Hope this makes sense, because this thyme zone doesn't make cents.  To strive to produce value to convert to other values does not require money or control.  It requires due diligence, to remain in the sense of the new, in the now, and not to slip back into old patterns of learned behaviors.  Stay above the cognitive dissonance; play in the resonance field of love.

Namaste' ...  Doc / hari'

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