March 30, 2014

Baseball Zone Coverage

Opening Day of baseball season and the Padres and Dodgers are scoreless early.  The season starts in full tomorrow and our fake baseball team is selected and ready.  Lemme's fake basketball team is in the semi-finals and will know if it plays for a championship later tonight.   We have a 6-3 lead and reasonably strong position, but stranger things have happened to me.

The wind is howling and several times the trailer has shaken on its foundation.  The weather energy is a symptom of the cumulative feelings of those collectively in the surroundings.  The earth changes are compounded by the geo-engineering - Gaian metabolism is not currently operating at peak performance.

If we live in a holographic universe and can change the state of being by using our intuition and our imagination, then by all means the collective voice of the people should rise to action.  To attain outer peace is first to attain inner peace, then give up the pieces that no longer serve our purpose. To be is to do as one should think to do.  Just consider all those other peeps.

The March Madness is down to the final four with Kentucky as the people's favorite, while Connecticut has something to prove.  Florida is the prohibitive favorite, so I'll have to root with Scotty for his Wisconsin Badgers - the team that everybody forgets about.  My pool pick was Arizona - the showed well in their loss.

Just wish to put the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) on notice that this blog covers baseball and I plan full season, wire to wire coverage of doc's perception of the National and American League pennant races - i will expect my all-star ballot five years hence.  I vote for Pete Rose, Roger Clemons,  Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Bud Harrelson.  Or is that Woody Harrelson?

Namaste' ...  doc lemme

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