March 29, 2014

Combustion II : Fractal Chemisociology

Lets take a molecular journey this morning, into an area of abstract delight.  As we delve deeper into the combustion process, we find that the water released transforms itself back into the aitch-two-oh form upon the effect of heat breaking the molecular bonds of the sugar lattice of the plant material.  The sweep of the form is to go from green herb to water and carbon dioxide in a ten second period. Some chemicals are volatilized as the breaking of the sugar bonds releases heat into a localized area.

A sugar molecule has the generalized formula of C6H12O6 . This equates to six carbon atoms, twelve hydrogen atoms and six oxygen atoms.  The total group has 24 total atoms.  The formula weight of the individual sugar atom is 180 mass units.  The sugar unit as a whole has a six member ring structure of carbons with a hydrogen and a hydroxide attached to each carbon.  Hydroxide has an oxygen-hydrogen unit oxygen bonded to the carbon.  Sugar is a fractal set above water and carbon dioxide in complexity.

The plant structure is made of chains of sugars that form into the cell structure.  Roughly 15% of the volume of a plant cell (by weight) is made of organic carbon compounds - the rest is water.  Of the solid structural framework, there are also proteins and enzymes, lipids and other carbon frameworks.  The cells are filled with water and also made with water as a component of the structure.  Combustion ruins the structure indiscriminately - when it burns, it only has to exceed a threshold of energy to return to carbon dioxide and water.

So chemistry is about breaking and making bonds by interaction of physical forces.  It has a directionality in space - the direction that you approach the molecule is a significant factor in the specific mechanism of energy discharge.  The flame causes volatile structures to cleave from the structure and be carried off in a stream mix of air, water, and carbon dioxide - with perhaps a few intermediate unstable forms that are buffeted by the currents.  Chemical bonds can be visioned as love between atoms.  The stable form to come back to is water.

Biology, biochemistry, chemistry and physics are all fractals in their relationship to each other, as sciences.  Each one is a smaller simplification that feeds from the larger system - we as humans are very good at breaking things down.  That nature operates in all these fields with total continuity is a given - that our explanations of similar phenomena differ so much in each field is the basis for much debate over reality.  Gaia doesn't care about creating the ecosystem, she just does it.

Weather is the experience of local metabolism of the Gaian eco-sphere.  That the minions are playing with the weather as part of the maintenance of the cognitive dissonant state of disharmony is a given - the corporate devour form thrives on the chaos of the 3-D whirled.  To be at peace, in a state of observation without attachment, allows a different focus from the current lame stream media boutique.

The parallels between the soft sciences of human interest and the hard sciences listed above are in harmonic phase with each other in the fractal accounting system.  Thus - chemosociology and sociochemistry are similar fields approached from opposite directions, that should provide a mirror image of the facets of symmetry that they eventually evolve into.  This crossed scientific approach is required to divorce the innate fraud of the medical establishment in the hijacking of health for profit in a diseased whirled.  Let it go!

Our pursuit of knowledge will take different forms, as the flow of fractal dimension is applied as a function of the mathematics of sacred geometry.  To undertake this study of form and flow requires a step back from the big picture into smaller scenario - to generate a new idea from a point source and watch the expansion, rather than dissecting the scenario to bits before it evolves.  Thus, as above, so below can be verified on several non-adjacent fractal scales, with a shift of form expected because self-similarity is only required in adjacent fractals.

The group of 24 sugar atoms reacts with another group of twelve;  from the six oxygen molecules required to balance the atom count, the stoichiometry.  In other words - to make six carbon dioxide and twelve water products - we need to account for 32 individual atoms.  This is a 9th level ChemFib system - our Unity group is an 8th level HumFib system.  Very close for model purposes.  I hope we appreciate ourselves and don't combust too rapidly - but that is also part of the learning (and tracking the learning) experience.  

Catch you again along the weigh.  Namaste' ... doc

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