March 27, 2014


Baby come and light my fire.  Jim Morrison and the Doors.   

The process of lighting the fire takes three factors - the fuel, the oxidant and the flame.  The fuel might be propane, the flame a magnesium striker and the oxidant the 20% oxygen in the ambient air.  The heat of the flame causes the bonds to break - creating two compounds - carbon dioxide and water.

Take an ordinary piece of carbonaceous plant matter and remove the seeds and stems.  Break apart the tidbits from the base stalk and convey them into a vessel of choice.  Fire aforementioned lighter and place flame over bowl, while drawing air and moderating flow with the carburetor.  Inhale deeply, without straining your lung capacity.

As you draw in with a deep breath, you can watch the glow of ember, as radiant heat flows through the bed of organic matter.  The sugars are converted into six molecules of carbon dioxide and six molecules of water.  The more complex organic chemicals are refined in their ring structures and volatilized in a form where the decomposition to basics does not take place.  Instead, you absorb this plant medicine.

As you exhale the carbon dioxide, the newly formed water and the plant alkaloids are now part of your system.  Feel the waves of moderation mitigate the tense endings on the previously frazzled nerves.  The newly formed water was once water in a different form, inside the biological entity that was the herb that you smoked.  It is now part of you.  Most of that water will be urinated out, but a few thousand molecules will become attached to create parts of your structural integrity.

Those water molecules have memory and they have communications ability.  They resonate at various frequencies in different spectrum.  The 428 nm and 528 nm resonances are most noted - but there are so many scales of emission that we barely sense the average until we tease out the specifics.

These signals are weighted averages of the individual frequencies caused by different functional groups interacting and transforming.  The specific frequencies are used to derive like to like interactions, such that a group gets replenished with nutrients before there is a dire need for them.  Nature can substitute what is there and functional for what is best, but optimum efficiency uses what is best and there both.

As we relearn about natural and artificial, let us celebrate the combustion process for what it is - renewal.  It is the regeneration of water molecules in their quest for unlimited experience at the water molecule scale.  Just as we engage in our quest for unlimited experience at the human light-worker scale.   Burn baby, burn.

Namaste' ... doc

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