March 10, 2014

Dealing with Chaos

Hearts and minds come together to manifest through gut feelings.  Once you get back into knowing yourself, then being in tune with the changes becomes a matter of paying attention.  There are so many people saying so many different things, that knowing what to believe is a matter of choice. It is important to maintain consistency - in that the pieces of the puzzle come together to form a coherent picture as the interlocking jigsaw cuts enmesh.

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future.  Time is a neutral construct - it flows directionally as a form of maintaining sequence through measurement.  There are many ebbs ad flows that move off the beaten paths - when we discover how things work, we can suspend belief and make time work to empower certain beliefs.

Belief is a funny thing - without belief, nothing can be.  When we shed certain concepts from our belief system, other things flow into our path to replace what is gone.  Science has rejected a great portion of valid data in hopes of keeping a failed belief system afloat.  Once you know truth, pretending is just not comfortable within nature.  Do not fear - we can mitigate all effects - only after the changes have come.  Waiting is painful - rising up is painful.  Pain is a part of learning.

Nothing is real and there is nothing to get hung aboutSFF.  Strawberry Fields Forever.  Keep an open mind and learn which sources you can trust.  We all need to melt down to turn inside yourself and become comfortable within our own skin.  Our hearts are true and our minds are open - our gut feelings will tell us which actions to take.  Tune in to your own senses.  Snakes shed their skins from time to time - they do not shed their snakehood.  Be true to you and represent the peeps that you love at all times - they have your back, you should have theirs.

Communications are currently broken and the systems that we work through are not going to hold over the long run.  This is an early iteration of something completely different - the old movie played for a significant amount of centuries - almost aeons  The whole is growing and a new form is emerging - what we take to the new is totally dependent on the order of what comes down.  Be true and know your own ability.  Love you.

Namaste' ... Rahiji (doc)  ...  love 2 mooji ... love 2 wahnji ...

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