March 01, 2014

Game #227: In like a lion

Have awakened this morning to find a thick snow falling and a couple of inches of snow on the ground.  I have yet to attempt to burn the snow to see if it is real or fake - it is whatever we expect it to be in full Schroedinger's cat form.  The bird feeder has a crowd of budgies - it is a good two feet lower than it normally is, from snow accumulation on the branch.  I share this watch with a black and white cat - the catbird seat is a pedestal by the window where Goof has her view.

Goof is an insane cat - she will sometimes do wind sprints from one side of the house to another.  She was boxed in a small cage at a 'humane' society and was super-schitzo when we got her home.  I came in after she did, and before she did - so the perspective of influence, while chosen by the cat was not at all what she thought she was getting into.  Even though this is a cat we are talking about, the cat thinks it is a person and we accept and treat it as such.  

The cat takes our fractal of two into a fractal of three.  Two humans and one feline in a triangle array of three have a different sense of role that just two humans and a pet.  The two/three change in dynamics is a large percentile change - it equilibrates a fifth level group rather than fourth level.  When the fractal reset takes the form back to one - that difference has a complexity that changes the symmetry form.

Symmetry is a function of group theory in that the system defines point groups.  A point group has a dimensional array associated with the number of characters in a group - the designations in chemistry each have different meaning.  C4v and D2h each carry specific meaning - v and h stand for vertical and horizontal.  The 360 degree circle is cut by 4 or 2 respectively.  The form that comes from symmetry allows for complexity to be defined as simplicity for any formal geometric maneuver.

For people in game space - there is no form yet.  The mass has been compounded, but how it manifests is something that we get to watch rather than influence.  Or - we can embed ourselves fully into the reality of now and take part in an exciting series of events - without the perspective of being able to watch these events unfold.  You cannot do both - once you commit to the level of interdependence of being involved - the POV that you take is embedded in the drama.  

That is okay - if you can influence the outcomes and therefore cannot have the full information packet on the game.  All the dynamics to prevent being a mushroom (kept in the dark and shoveled shit - only to be cut down and eaten) are here at the blog - anyone can find any specific that they need in nearly 2300 individual posts.  I hope to bring it all together:  hope is an irrational belief in a specific outcome of the future.  That it can happen by free will, if i take on the endeavor to attempt the achievement is a given; yet the journey that i would take en route is not the trip i currently see myself on.

The difference this time is that the outcomes are not pre-defined.  We can imagine any specific outcome that we like and take action to promote that specific outcome.  The reality of the scene is 100% - the other characters have as much influence in the immediate direction as we do and we are bound to the details of the engagement.  However, the fractal that we are in play on tells us the amount of meta-data in the scene - we must pay attention to pick up the clues.

Now it is March - the weather change from mid 60's afternoons to 3" of snow on the ground is an encumbering reality that we now face.   As a fractal sphere - my individual person is tapped out in the number of other spheres that I can pay attention to.  Thus - i need the help of some non-player characters that will have specific roles in future scenarios.  As other players create their own games - there will be landscapes that challenge the belief systems and individuals who specifically move out of context from what they appear to be.

As an example from D&D  - an eighth level party suddenly finds themselves confronted with a 13th level mage that is toying with the weather.  Since there is greater than a two level difference the party has no real influence on the outcome.  Thus, I will need an embedded character above the 13th level to be in the group already, with the skill set to create the technology to allow the party to have a chance.   Some games are not necessarily fair to the players - just of equivalent unfairness to all.

Game #227 - In like a lion :  Goal - to develop some scenarios over the course of the next year that embeds heroes for future games.  The essence of the game would be to develop a 'super-hero' training school that covers some master concepts that should come into play as players learn to develop better abilities.  The game involves training to develop clues, cues and artifacts that have special properties that supercede the particular game of their finding.  

In essence - it will be working with a small group of peeps to create walk-in scenarios and characters.  We will need to develop these as though we will be playing them ourselves - with the knowledge that we will just as likely not.  More peeps will be coming on as they wake up and smell the roses.  With the snow on the ground - we cannot plant the roses yet.  The time is coming soon to plant - but can we eat roses? When do we plant our roses?

namaste' ...  hari'

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