March 09, 2014

Group Theory III : Seeing Thru Time

Time change day - but does time really change?  Or do we alter our conception of time to fit parameters of convenience?  We get the pages of calendar flow and know that cause has to precede effect; the game of sequence through time is a matter of tracking change.  Time is linked to space and gives us a four dimensional reality that we are counting on as a basis set.

Things are not as they seem.  The holographic universe is whatever we make it to be - the external is a reflection of the internal.  The mathematics of symmetry via group theory explain the dynamics of shape contorting into the images that we see and feel.  The major endeavor of our brain is to make the images flow directly into visions of people that interact to form our contemporary world.

The very large and the very small are exactly the same - as above, so below.  The in-between is a symphony of pushes and pulls.  Each of us brings our own perspective to the whole and this is mostly based on the intuition we have to know truth.  The framework of belief rests on the plausibility by which all the pieces come together to form a whole.

All groups require an alpha and an omega.  The alpha is the lead dog, the person who is the influence behind the collective effort of the group.  These people just do what they do and tend to be very good at it - they do not listen to others trying to tell them how to do what they do because it just comes natural to do it.  They draw from their personal experience, developed over hours and hours of practice in the field, doing all the work that it takes to be able to complete all aspects of the work.  Leadership by example.

The omega is the trail dog, the person who picks up the pieces and makes certain that they all fall into the proper place.  The omega knows the group mission as well as, if not better than, the alpha and follows in the wake of the wave making sure that all the stragglers get collected and brought back up to speed.  He watches the path from behind and looks to see that the group back is covered.  Alpha and Omega border the pack and keep the flow going through all phases of the group existence.

The work of the group will dictate the function of the group - currently this essay would fit Mind Sounding in the Treei organizational flow because the creative thinking is given a hearing through this blog forum.  Many different forums will be integrated together into a media and this media will cover the ascension from an archaic belief system into whatever will develop from the integration of emergence into the next order fractal.  Our chaos will continue to grow until it collapses into order - a new wave function generated to fit the values that we measure anew.

Be aware of attachment and value judgment.  If you become attached to an outcome at a micro-level, then you become unaware of the macro-levels in the immediate vicinity.  When you attempt to assign value from an embedded position, you have no relative comparitor to a different system - you are inside and have limited access to outside.  Somebody in an above position or a below position may see things differently - which also differ from the top and bottom positions.  There are also up and down relative to the set.  Each can be either charmed or strange.   Total value depends on the coin itself, not whether it is heads or tails.

So, time is simply an axis that allows us all to coordinate actions.  The ability to make action that will be valuable later in time is a function of group effort.  Each group is a collection of selfs with different perspectives, united together to develop a concept or product.  The scale of the task will set the size of the group, which is composed of fibonacci fractals of smaller, well-defined groups merging together at a later point in time.  The groups are all self-similar and individually different.  The level of operation is a function of the personnel count - adjusted for different metric achievement.

We are creating history - this blog is an intermediate art form in the development of a novel construct - a different information base to begin a new quest for knowledge.   What emerges is what we will get.  If we envision the perspective, that what we want is what we will get;  then we can tailor this vision from a love perspective and reconstruct social connectivity from below - as above will follow.

Namaste' ... with love ... doc

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