March 25, 2014

Group Theory VI: Niche and Nuance (Game #146)

Each of us is a unique individual that is living through a common process as a human here on Earth.  We are part and parcel of a universal intelligence, called Gaia, that operates at a planetary scale and governs the natural order of things.  That Gaia is a part of a greater universal consciousness at a higher scale is not a question, but a statement of fractal reality.  

For all the scales of depth there are between super strings and humans, there are as many scales of depth in larger form.  It all mirrors itself using forms of symmetry which are universal and invisible, until symmetry is broken by the addition or subtraction of a single unit of one.  That one can be you or me or any individual - but everything always begins on a scale of one.

If every scale is harmonic within the superstructure of all the fractals in the mobius strip of life, then every single individual of every sort has their very own scale of one to begin from.  The larger scales appear to be there; it is our holograph of the collective imagination that creates the structure.  The niche that we each create for ourselves falls within the framework of the society that we have been presented.  To change is to do something different - to accept a different set of limits within the structures.  

Your niche is on a different scale than your being.  A niche is a breaking of the symmetry by you the individual in conjunction with a limited amount of other individuals.  It might form a world perspective, or it might just be a job.  The concept of work in physics is different from the concept of work in sociology and as a scientist, i am only familiar with the physics terminology.

The nuance that you apply to your niche is what makes you uniquely you.  Once you grok a concept to the point where you know exactly which reference to find the information that you seek, you have developed a mastery that allows you to continue to educate yourself by enveloping other fields that do not have current insight from your perspective.  This is where each of us should try be, a cutting edge of developing action from thought, at a specific degree of scale.

Niche and nuance dance with self-confidence and allow each of us to hold our own self-value, no matter what the system of accounting worth.  As we come together with different peeps on different scales, we should each have a gathering point that forms a connectivity group into the loving atmosphere that we can call home.  Home on a personal scale, community on a next fractal up scale.  

Everybody has a value; we will be assorting into new and novel group forms.  Each one will have the same basic tasks to accomplish, with their own unique sense of how to accomplish them.  As we develop a sense of the New Earth Nation media - we find that we are the media and how we create ourselves will reflect in the images shown to others.  Operations must function at every smaller scale and build into emergent behavior to fit into the next scale.  The Weigh measures fractal growth.

Gaia is a continuum - a common image that we create as a basis set for grouping ourselves as one on a planetary scale.  We need to open our range well beyond human in our forms of groupings - how to do that would be perscriptive and is not allowed here.  This media is a reflection of what is being done - with the voices of each group ringing harmonically at their own level of scale.

Unity Community is now consistently 6th level and has reached 8th level in certain metrics.  If the community is treated as a single character in a multi-level role-play game, the growth rate can be monitored by a single baseline measurement count taken every two weeks.  The options will be grow, shrink or maintain and the count will be taken by lemme as a grab sample every cosmic day.  Calendars act like gears - the Mayan Tzolkin will track this cosmic (XIII) period as Game # 146.  Unity Community is Love Sounding : Today is Form Sounding on Doc's Treei 64 Tree Day Grid.

If you wish to count and track your own parellel community, under a different game number, you may have as much technical support as you can handle.  I have the account style mastered for my own experimentation, but each of the individual metrics are necessarily different for each case.  Collect data that makes sense and in a later iteration, we can come together and sort out the forms necessary to collect data universally over each and every group at any given scale.  With tact and nuance for each niche.

Namaste' ...  hari'

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