March 19, 2014

Group Theory IV : Regrouping

Deep in the depths of small space, each one of us finds ourselves alone as an individual who has a primary concern and many secondary concerns.  We watch how things come along and observe very carefully - the depth is as deep as a whole can go.  We know unconditionally that we exist as a unit structure - a one.  We also know that there is a whole that is bigger than any of us.  This is the realm of consciousness : the Descartes model of i think therefore I AM applies.

People do not have the chance to isolate into this depth very often.  Some people fear aloneness and are not ready to put up with themselves.  It doesn't matter how you feel about it - just that you do feel.  Thinking can be part of the game; it doesn't need to be.  Relax and just be.  Think if you wish, don't think if you wish.  Keep reading, which i guess is a form of thinking, we are not trying to sell anything.

At a very basic level, a group is a set.  You are a group consisting of one individual.  Your geometry would be self.  If you are Gaia - your geometry is round like a ball.  Once, long ago, the geometry was thought to be flat.  If we add another dimension, then this three dimensional projection of a fourth dimensional object looks different.  Think of crop circles as a form of these projections.

Change is in the air - the energies surrounding us are highly volatile.  We find ourselves seeking resonant wavelengths - places where we can share our experience and mitigate energy over a number of different people.  The energy is neither good, nor evil.  It is neither light nor dark, but the response of light and dark to the energies is different in approach.  To be in unity is easy for one person, to hold together a unity group of more than one person takes work.

For those of you who follow here regularly, you know that i believe the golden mean ratio is the basis of natural mathematics.  Sacred geometry belong to this set and we position molecules in space and calculate the probability of momentum using irreducible representations of rotating, translating and equilibrating atoms.  The tool is matrix algebra and the math is solid.  It does not require counting with numbers.

The numbers each have character.  When we move from one to two to three, we first double in size, then we increase by another 150%.  The move from three to five uses a similar growth ratio - 60%.  It is these Fibonacci based levels where emergent change occurs and at each level, the group really has to stabilize and regroup to get its bearings.  Let's talk about the regroup process.

break time - stand up and jump.  

To regroup is to set the fractal dimension back down to one.  This is generally done from large to small in ways that we don't even notice.  Marriage for instance is a regroup process whereby the state can consider two people as one for the collection of taxes and other payments.  As this group multiplies into family, the family unit becomes a group of anywhere from 2 to a couple dozen individuals all accounted for as a single unit.  The change is a function of scale.

Corporations are huge groups using their leverage to act upon smaller groups.  Countries and corporations are now functioning on a similar scale - where the dominance of countries in the legal system is being lost to the overpowering focus of the corporations on hijacking the legal system.  The ladder is one that is climber in the existing social structure - the top down power grid just knocks people off to fall to the ground.

But if you never leave the ground, you really don't fall.  The illusion is caving in, because the social structure is built as a house of cards - using dollar bills as the strengthening agent.  Oops.  Most peeps that i know missed a few beginning of March payments and now that the idea have passed, the have been covered.  But April dawns and the game goes on again.  And each month it ramps to a more stressful level.  Give up the illusion, stop making payments and just watch the game crumble.

The trick for regroup, would be to work from the bottom up, not from the top down.  As above, so below - in an altogether new context.  To regroup at numbers that are small changes the dynamics in huge ways.  This is exactly what the world needs.  The process is completely organic and cannot be controlled because we do not understand emergent behavior correctly.  This is not the only thing that we do not understand, but it give doc a handle on the design of games for certain outcomes to get the dynamics of emergent behavior with small numbers in the group.

In chemistry, we look at thermodynamics and kinetics.  The thermodynamics are structural measurements taken to see that all the working parameters are in good shape.  These are concepts like heat, energy contents, bonding parameters, etc.  If the set-up is not ready thermodynamically, then all systems are not go and the growth attempt will be futile.  Kinetics, on the other hand, have to do with the rate that the process flows.  If the thermo works, but the rate is an inch per month - we ain't never gonna get there.  So both thermodynamics and kinetics have to be measured in order to get the flow of the emergence. 

Now think on a societal scale.  Measure the kinetics of a new and novel group during its early growth stage and you will have an indicator of whether a new group will catch on.  The group does not have to be human people - but that is another topic for discussion.  For now - let's just say theory under development and more depth, less breadth is not the proper directional yin/yang for measure here.  What we do measure is not important right now - it is the process of measurement that we have to work out.  The protocols are not in place, so everybody at the fruit market has no common denominator other than piece count.  A cherry for your watermelon?

At this point - this blog has run long.  Rather than cut and paste, i think i will leave you with a timely invite to tomorrow's Unity equinox celebration - the previous blog post, which follows next on your page.  Come regroup with us in a special event.

Aloha, Shalom and Namaste' ...  Hari'

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