March 13, 2014

Growth: also Game # 88: YellowStar

Natural Resources are finite and limited to the number of atoms that are already here on Gaia.  In the past three centuries, the consumption of oil based energy resources as fuel has driven through the industrial revolution to the ever--present war state where control of energy resources is paramount.  One of the best peak oil explanations comes from the Arch-Druid, who blogs weekly on a point of system survival issues. Last night's post is a must read - how to go about with the reformation via emergent systems is the area of focus in Hari's viewfinder.

Since we are at a new beginning, the measurement of systems will have some cognitive disconnects.  The weigh is a means of gathering information and testing its resilience, bad information will not get promoted to higher levels that require vetting.  But lower levers do not have to be vetted - the emergence of complexity from simplicity is a function of fractal resolution.  Scale is the most important criteria.

One of our deep societal problems is the lack of notion of scale.  Humanity via science has huge blinders to things that defy their burden of proof.  By shifting the playing field constantly to higher cost items to do simple measurement, we have taken away people's ability to understand how scale is a major factor in life.  We only see things at one scale - human vision scale - and continually break things down to more complexity.

The idea behind fractals is self-similarity at every scale.  It does not matter how that similarity is manifest - the waves striking a beach with sands can leave rings with the tide that look like fingerprints.  The idea that numbers mean something more than just quantity is lost completely.  There is a mistake in the value system rewarding accumulation of quantity instead of valuing quality and making things go much farther with less.

Here is the crux of the problem - we have to set each individual human at scale of one to see things in the modern system life.  At every other scale outside of our vision range, the change of fractal has to be self-similar to the adjacent range, but beyond that all bets are off. Thus, we have serious disconnects where our science today shifts scale and misses the change in limits.  Thus we work ourselves into corners like nuclear fusion and corn based ethanol.

Modern communication systems are way different than anything we have had in the past.  Life is interactive through a computer interface - this allows the exchange of information on a virtual instantaneous basis.  It completely levels the playing field of creation of a new style of personal interactive media.  Organizing information based on growth usually is picked up somewhere in process - rarely can we get down to an atomic level smoothly because of the shift through areas of undefined content.

Like DNA.  I have some cool DNA work to share in a near future post.  The DNA does not work like the textbooks of science explain.  In fact, the latest work on water has demonstrated that water is more prevalent in DNA than sugars or nucleic acids - over six orders of magnitude greater.  If you take pi as the definitive measure of fractal change - the limit between adjacent fractal overlaps - then anything greater than two pi has no self-similarity requirement.  

Thus, our sciences can each be technically correct within their own sphere and yet incorrect with the harmony of nature as nature doesn't calculate anything in any weigh that we do.  No math - just sacred geometry in a field of imbeddedness - as above, so below.  So chemistry and biochemistry both use the same sets of atoms and molecules, and biology and biochemistry use the same concepts of integrated structural flow.  Yet chemistry and biology cannot agree on simple things like mass balance.   The key is that within science, they don't have to.  Modern Medicine is a take-off from biology and is three fractal orders away from chemistry - the overlap mathematically is 12.5%, one in eight.  

Doc is building 64 fractal orders in a grid of relative scale.  For definition purposes, lets state that as order gets larger, chaos gets smaller and vice versa.  Let's also say that as you get more up, you have less down, as you have more in you have less out and as you have more strange, you get less charm.  All of these terms have the Heisenberg relationship - like momentum and position.  On any scale, they are opposite sides of the same coin, with a direct inverse growth proportion.  Every yin has its yang.

On doc's calendar, today is mass forming - day #2 of 64.  Mass forming is much different from Form Massing.  The interplay of two at a time in a set of eight generates this grid of 64.  In DNA, it is permutations of four nucleic acids taken three at a time that generates the same 64 grid.  In the I-Ching, the throw of three coins generates four line patterns to make the 64 grid.  In chess, two teams of sixteen each have 32 spaces on their side of the board - start even and ebb and flow away.  There is something deeper here - but beyond the context of this blog right now.

The goal for this 64 day grid cycle in tree-i is to see how much growth we can attain in our unity community.  The starting block shifted - that happens when charmed and strange are in play.  I have some metrics developed and all you have to do to get involved in join our chat group.  We meditate at 11:00 am Pacific time daily and then talk, play songs or watch educational videos at other times.   We are incubating our interactive format here - the only requirement is that you are a part of all of us, remember respect, love and gratitude.  Your first goal there is to get a yellow star.

Namaste' ...  doc

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