March 20, 2014

New Earth Nation

Currently listening to the opening broadcast of the New Earth Nation.  Proud to be associated with this effort.  The game is over and there are three things that are complete toast - the concepts of money, time and fear are history - this is a love based world.  Each individual will find their own weigh through the journey - this nature is the suprastructure for being a New Earth Nation - a sovereign individual.

When i started the blog, the Universal Sovereigns of a Living Earth was not even a dream - the reality of the history of lemme, doc, and every other character here have taken us a long way.  The game is a difference of approach - this is an opportunity.  We cannot accept their system as court justice.  This is a new field.  There will be many others also.

We reach our hand out to help to do things differently.  We are disengaging from commerce and ownership by corporation.  As i listen, i hear many people thinking about their transition - we all need to follow our heart.  Education is just a thought form - we are responsible for our individual education in our field of interest.

Today is form massing - i guess this form is surfing along on a cosmic surfboard handling the new wave - account for things by notice - we can do and be whoever we are - it is us. Love your neighbor as yourself and look out for the best of everyone in every endeavor.  We hold responsibility - not unto someone, but for ourselves.

Enough of this - the thyme for love is upon us.  Will see you soon.

Namaste' ...  doc

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