March 05, 2014

Potato Salad

   Needed to use up the three potatoes from the last bag all at once.  Cooked two hard-boiled eggs, then boiled the potatoes with two carrots and four nodes of garlic.  After cooling - added basil and rosemary, then some hot Chinese mustard and hot Hungarian paprika.  Then diced up a stalk of celery and a half a medium onion and stirred the entire concoction together.  Refrigerated for an hour, then added some soy and dairy free Vegonaise and a tablespoon of olive oil.  All materials are organic - looking forward to the time when all of the materials can grow on my property once again.

    Treating yourself to good food is extremely important.  Your food is your primary source of nutrients and the quality of the diet can be a major factor in general health.  The idea of GMOs is something that i just can't trust - so i stay away from food that i don't know personally.  When i had the farm, we raised meat and traded for other goods.  The past few years on the road taught me a different lifestyle - now i am back to edible self-determination.

    Off to eat potato salad.  Be well.  Namaste' ...  doc

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