March 23, 2014

Resonant Frequency

As we shift, our resonant frequencies are moving to higher energy.  We are becoming emotive and can feel each other through our senses, rather than just talking at and listening to.  Yesterday, i had light constructs in my vision pathway - this has happened before and is just another form of download.  No pain, but i did have to nap to restore full sight.  The equinox energy spilled over and topped off my frequency base - i resonate as a cosmic star and attempt to hold ground as often as possible.

As I was relating with a friend Brightlight from Portugal, we began discussion with the concept of telepathy.  I am an emotive - i can feel everybody's emotions - from anger to love to will.  It comes with listening carefully to the words over a long enough period of time that the sounds of the words and the tones of the voice bring thru the meaning and the context.  The words are incidental to the fabric of feeling.

Doc reached saturation level and escape to the forest for three months last summer to learn to turn off the voices.  He descended down to a single voice - which is the voice of self, able to converse with life at all scales, by being in the moment.  Time is lost, money has no objective and fear is the scent that we leave when we are not confident in our ability - it is universally recognized by all life in the Gaian realm.

So i am going to parse the conversation into a story - one that allows us to feel the light at all frequencies and then decide which one we resonate at.  You resonate where you are, and set forth an aura that allows others to interact.  If the frequencies differ, the interaction requires more work.  However, the flow works like music more than anything else and our frequencies morph in certain relationships to each other.

First, definitions - resonance in chemistry is a property where waves merge together to provide a working average of all the electrons participating in the wave.  In sociochemistry - resonance is the individual persons vibration given off to other people.  It can be at any specific energy value and is the weighted average of the sum of all participants.  

A group has a resonance that is the weighted average of the frequencies of the members of the group.  The relationship in textbook physics here is E = hv = hc/y . v is nu and represents frequency : y is wavelength and should be inverted to a lambda : h is the planck constant (with a hat) and c the speed of light.

[8:47 AM] brightlight: what you mean ?
lemme: i do not do well when i get more than 5 or 6 peeps in a room at a time, because i feel all their emotions and see thru their eyes and get confused in my own senses.  So i stop and come back into myself by focusing on my breathing.

[8:48 AM] brightlight: can you explain about resonant frequency ??

lemme: concentrate on breathing and turn everything outside off.  Frequency is a measure of wave length, the higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength and the higher the energy.  All waves have a frequency; monster waves like like ocean waves have low frequency, low energy, high mass.  Microwaves have short frequency, high energy, do damage.  Each of us emits waves at all times.  Your resonant frequency is the wavelength that you emit as you.  Your resonant frequency fits those of us who live here at unity

[8:51 AM] brightlight: know any book about this ?
lemme: try a physics textbook

[8:53 AM] lemme: whatever becomes, it is within you to understand what is happening in you.  We are here to help and share experience - which is new to us too.
Remember, you can always ground through love.

Namaste' ... lemme and doc

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