March 17, 2014

Time and Space

Time and space, space and time
Ability to forestall time
while completing work
requires focus, diligence.
Reality is conjured consistency
wrought from social context
for agreed upon common ground.
Compelled aggression,
patently not acceptable,
coerced on a populace
running out of time and space.
Redacting truth, when
it doesn’t fit the scheme:
Watch and learn
all the time in the world
exists beyond current culture.
Diversities arise from monoculture
slimming down quantity
of options of descent,
which only lead to new options
less thought through,
more bold and daring.
Unless we unharness the leash
of hafta do and gotta dos
paperless trails of plausible deniability,
handcuffs to the system
keep us inside the current box of
space and time, time and space.

lemme howdt  2004, 2014

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