March 16, 2014

Water you, doing? Game # 234

Sometimes, some things develop from the rubble of other things that were not part of the original package,  This current disposable society will eventually cultivate a value stream from landfill mining - all the junk that we have buried in the ground will be reformatted, reconfigured and turned into something more useful than space holders.  Our solid waste from the last two centuries is entombed in custom cells where air doesn't circulate - 1950's newspapers and half eaten hot dogs will likely serve as organic fodder well after the day that petroleum runs out.

Kudos will go to the first inventor who learns how to motor a car on asphault.  As we switch technology over, perhaps the roads can be reversibilized in process and the concrete jungle connectory system dismantled or unmantled.  If the garbage to fusion generator of Back to the Future can be used as a model ...

Take any movie or TV show of the past century and you can turn it into the basis set for a model reality.  Or better yet, take two and merge them to your own satisfaction.  What would the Brady Bunch do with access to the Time Tunnel?  Or how would Muldur deal with the Twilight Zone?  What if suddenly a whole bunch of Lost people show up on Gilligan's Island? 

We are bordered by our own impressions.  The powers that used to be are using cognitive dissonance to cause panic - let the attachment go and watch the game for what it is worth.  Start thinking about the resources base.  Are you near water?  The water will be the key, but, then again water has always been the key.  We are water beings and all connected through the commonality of sharing a beverage with each other.

Just think, we share morning coffee and meet at the bar after work.  We should share our water in ritual form, but the honoring of our water being has not taken place.  Instead, our corporate form claims it owns the water and they pollute the streams by using our water for waste disposal.  The idea of structured water - intelligent water - is not even considered.  Picture the world from the standpoint of the water !! 

Does the water in the ocean know any other existence than ocean life, until it is removed?  What happens to a single molecule of water that finds it way into a fish that is caught on a trawler and ends up on your dinner plate?  When that water molecule internalizes and becomes a part of you - does it just get pissed off, or does it remain a part of you for quite a while?  Have you ever thought what it would be like - an Incredible Journey.  Just not in the human form.

How did the human form really get to be?  Can we take the sum of all the stories and sort them out for common themes?  We live in an age where our stories tell us we are each an individual on a solo hero's journey, where the plot is always the same - a flawed person goes thru trial and tribulations in order to succeed in a quest where failure was wrought before.  That is the only story that the TV or the movies sell - so the game of combining two themes and producing one story is made easy.  

So easy that i encourage everyone to do the mental gymnastics and find a story that can be moved away from the heroes journey, into a world where we are all one facing a new physical reality because the current story evaporated, right before our very eyes, as soon as we disbelieved the premise.  Let's assign the story writing game of combo the number #234 - it seems like the topic would fit into mind flowing as a category.

Namaste' ... doc

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