May 19, 2014

Alternate Timelines

There seems to be some impatience amongst light workers for change to change things overnight.  If you consider that our current timeline is part of the 26,000 year Mayan cycle, then the error bars set at 0.01% still include the present moment as December 21, 2012.   The degree of momentum swinging around through the tangible space geometry of the dawning of the age of Aquarius is making time pass rapidly.   Instant communication allows each of us to catch decades worth of information new each week.  Our paradigm is changing - the rate depends upon our interpretation of time.

I wish to take some liberty with the concept of time; in order to remain consistent, i would like to separate some of the function that we use in time and take them into the flux box - that area where we suspend the item and work our way around the issue until we have something that resolves our challenge.  We may keep time as a setting for appointments and consistent rendering of historic dates.  The charting axis called time, when used as a process to establish rate based on seconds, minutes, and hours, can be held consistent relative to itself.  Granted that it takes 9 months to gestate a human baby.  Otherwise, the watch looks like this.

Now that we have taken the function of linear time on a human scale and rendered our watch and our calendar as relative values, let's look at the concept of time as a function of size.   Time appears longer as individuals get smaller.   The largest mammals, like whales and elephants, live their natural lives much longer than humans.   If life span is consistent across life, then time shrinks or expands based on the size that we appreciate ourselves to be.   So let us make the assumption that all critters think themselves to be in human form.

This does not in any way shape or form make them human.  An ant sees other ants as individual entities on the ant scale - imagine their mind would be blown away by the concept of the movie Them from the ant perspective.  I imagine that ant has no concept of whale or elephant, although worm to ant might appear as Dune spice reptile.  That there are analogs to ant the size of ant to human, there is no doubt.  That this continues on in scale indefinitely seems to be a function of physical support structure or lattice.  When the mechanism cannot be supported by simplicity at the next level smaller, then functions must be paired, as simpler forms of life do exist.

But what about bigger?  We show little imagination for emergent systems - the complexity seems to boggle us.   I believe in as above, so below and feel that analogy is the gateway to comprehension.  Yet they have to be the proper pairings; apples are not oranges.  The evidence is that all is well, as everything seems to be swirling in the miasma of ever faster motion of time.

It will stop, all of a sudden, and appear to leave us in a timeless void.  This is where the discipline of being okay with self will come into play.  When we create our own time in the space we are in, we will not even notice the change relative to our personal being.  The frequency range will run through a harmonic prism, that segregates each wavelength into areas of its own cognition.  The field will be dampened or sharpened by your individual state of mind - the ability to keep feeling the love broadening the resonances.

From general reference, there seems to be a quadrant approach coming - four separate timelines that function at different harmonic frequencies within the same manifestation of space.  The scale of these timelines is human scale, however the manifestation of human scale can be on any fractal of all cosmic existence - all seem human from a human perspective.  The four are ... Jetsons, Flintstones, 1984, and the Garden.  

Doc once theorized a 13 entity Gaia space - where the one world in real time was surrounded by two rings of six worlds in themed quasi-time.  This meant that two worlds in yin/yang pair had the same person battling themselves for perspective on an issue.  For instance - light lemme and dark lemme live on parellel worlds that intersect for one month in every six.   When separate, they each see uniquely, but during overlap space - the two are merged into a single schizophrenic entity.  When the issue is resolved - both pseudo-lemmes go back to the real central world lemme and live in nirvana for a while - before reincarnating on another space scale when necessary.

What if every time we made a choice, we created a separate timeline where an alter ego made the opposite choice?  The two could run in parellel until they either merged because the decision made no difference, or separated because it made all the difference in the world.  The latter would be like a strange attractor in chaos theory, where you suddenly found different inputs and outputs for your personal creativity and chose to pursue the latter path.  You would diverge from all other generated yous and begin to forge a new timeline in a different fractal direction.

Namaste' ...  lemme

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