May 08, 2014

Being Change

Once we get our mind set, it becomes difficult to change.  The weigh we see the whirled is conditioned by our perspective - our day-to-day life depends on our personal history.  Yet when we look to see the nature of our individual experience, we find that it is predicated on our relationships with other people.

The average human may undergo half a dozen mood swings each day.   You can be in your own world, and somebody says something and all of a sudden, everything changes.   Most peeps reaction is to lash back at whatever antagonizes them.  Thus, we are good for a lot of sudden impulsive behavior.  This tends to rub other people the wrong way, which causes them to lash out too.  The cycle of mean continues as we all bring each other into bad moods with our sharp tongues.

Love is finding a polite way to tell people that you believe differently.   When somebody develops a difference of opinion from the context of the rest of the group, that person should be heard out entirely.   Too often, we become attached to our belief and wish to argue or incite a debate.  Debate is an art-form that i learned when young - we see very few formal debates any longer and zero on topics that seem to matter.   We need to start a few long discussions, to redefine the is.

Facts are not open to debate, but they do differ pending perspective.  The basis set for our individual beliefs is badly skewed by the agendas of the institutions guiding our learning processes.   That we are looking at a world that requires a re-creation of ideals and principles, seems to be a fact.  That the current skew is technological and anti-individual is a management style choice for the wealthy elite, none of the rest of us seem to matter much.

We can change this pattern, but only when we step outside of the system conditioning.   We need to lose a few tethering concepts, or redefine them to make a better common sense.  Time, money and law are three topics that i would boot, but there are many many more.   

From my current operational perspective, there is something in the air that will be a total game changer.   Tension is building toward a major release, but only a person sitting outside the current timeline can see the process accurately.  The rest of us have to wait as time progresses to see what is up.

One thing that we can do, is to build the criteria for personal belief.   This is done by self-analysis.  I can look at the things that i would like and set a route to be able to collect them.   As we lose the context of the shadow worlds and delve deeper into our personal realities, we lose connection with the bigger picture and begin to dissolve the older outmoded scenarios.  Imagination and vision become the context for a new game - the illusion of reality is painted with our personal brush-strokes.  If you miss on what is real - no matter - it is real to you.

You can see where it would be very easy to lose individuals into their own 'real' worlds that differ from those of other individuals.  It becomes like the game Second Life - only there, others still get to reign on your parade.   Games are a way to test theories without having real life consequences.   Lemme has recently rediscovered Mandala - a game to collect 144,000 peeps to change the world.  There are a dozen animal clans and each one has a different mission.   The illusionary basis for the Mandala world is a comic book.

Check it howdt.   Everybody needs another path to gather different information - to compare the new to the old and make a valid decision on which brings more joy.   

Namaste' ... doc

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