May 22, 2014

Benefits from Chess

Chess is a game that simulates life.  The initial interplay between white and black falls into sets of standard openings that chess players commonly know.  I recently found some music that fits the theme - The Sicilian Defense.  Currently playing in the back ground.  Coming out of the chess opening, the two sides are generally well balance,with white having the initiative and black choosing the direction by choice of defense.

The rules of chess are reasonably simple - 16 pieces per side that move in standard form depending on the type of piece.  I was recently turned on to a movie - Knights of the South Bronx - where a group of inner city minority youth use chess to open doors in a classic class struggle.   The impressive idea was the five year old playing on equal terms.  If you wish to develop patience and the ability to see things into the future, then chess is a sport for you.

Oh, some people might write chess off as just a game.  These people takes a serious view of the world and don't wish to waste their time - just yours.  They pooh-pooh games because they require critical thinking, a skill that some people never develop.  They want everyone to play by a narrow set of rules stacked in their personal self-interest.  With a pass that places them above the rules.

Chess is a timeless game that is played with a clock, that sets a time limit on the amount of time that you may take to think. Chess clocks have two buttons on top, such that when a move is made, your personal clock stops andyour opponents clock starts.  The arm pushes up a little hand and when the hand falls, your time is over as is the game.  It just keeps chess away from endless horizons.

The idea of making a move in chess is to set an advantage for your color over the other color.  Each move places a segment of the board en prise, or under attack.  Each piece is connected with other pieces in a protection racquet for black - altho there are many dual edged swords lying about.  The goalis king protection and the queen is the most powerful piece.  Every piece plays a specific role and the contest over who controls the land base of the 64 square board is the tale of the game.

Lessons of chess fall over into lessons of life.  Risk taking is sometimes rewarded, but generally keeping an inter-piece communications network allows the pieces on the board to work in tandem toward an overall goal - the other players king by checkmate.  Then, we set up the pieces, trade sides and play again.

What has been missing from life is the ability to cash in the chips and start over again. The system is skewed to reward the people called corporations at the epense of the rest of us, with no ability to shuffle up and redeal the cards - or reset the chess pieces.  The institutions that have failed still control the mechanisms and we have to quit playing games set under unfair rules.

My good friend Aeon Pi has been working separately in parallel circles for several years.  He recently started his Empower blog - which is connected in the cross lynx, over above right.  His most recent post was a redirect - to It's Just a Game.  An excerpt : 

Every time a religion or a government or a corporation manages to get you emotionally and you take the redemption offered (buy their lies/ buy their argument/buy their product), they have successfully mind-controlled you. This is their game and it works every time because the people are stuck in their emotional bodies with layers of self-created obligation.

Here is the problem and why we are vulnerable to this. A lofty thought coming from the higher, deeper aspect of self, is a high frequency energy thought that exists in a very fast time dimension. Thus unless we deliberately focus on such thoughts/ideas, they will be fleeting and not a part of our reality. By comparison, an emotional feeling is from this slow time flow, so it is much easier for us to linger in ‘feelings’, and especially so as the supporting mind stories seemingly flow automatically.

I remember the old alka seltzer commercial - Try it, you'll like it.  Create the image of demand for a product and it is already sold.  That we can drink tea, or lemon water and have the same settling effect just doesn't sell pills.  That is what Merika has become pill pushers with their own set of cloaks and daggers - a con game, more like Lao Tzu Chess than chess itself.

Lao Tzu chess simulates life as a mushroom - you are kept in the dark and shovelled sh*t.  The pieces start scattered in the back row - with the king somewhere between the two rooks.  The board is lit in only areas that your pieces can see - otherwise the squares appears dark.  As you move, you light and darken various squares on you opponents side of the board.   When you take a piece, it goes into your reserve, and can be played back onto the board in your color instead of moving a piece on the board. Object is still capture the king.

Scheming Mind is where lemme plays chess.  Come visit.

Good luck ... namaste' ...  doc

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