May 02, 2014

Calendar Calculation

To stand back and assess a situation from a distance, is often a necessary perspective.  Becoming embroiled in other people's drama seems to be a very merikn weigh of life.   The idea that peeps are allowed to believe anything they wish to believe and act upon any whim is a perpetual problem. 

Even when most peeps are 'on-board', a single person taking different action acts as a monkey wrench to force change. Oh - you don't agree?  Let say Donald Sterling. gotcha.  Now let's ignore him.  Peep group-think is one reason why doc goes into hermit mode to write  - too much input derails the train of thought.  The media promotes derailing love and provokes creating fear.  No thank you.

Today is a mind flowing day for doc on the Treei calendar.  To tell which date you are on requires a count of the number of days that you have lived.  Fortunately, you can plug in your birth date at the time and date website that has a calendar calculator.  Take the number that they give you and divide by 64.  This will generate a number and a remainder.  The number represents the amount of tree days that you have been a resident of Gaia and the remainder is the key to where your today is.

The order of symbols (called glyphs) always follows the same pattern.  Mass precedes Form, then Flow, Power and Love, Sound, Mind and last Void.  Crossing the groups across themselves yields a grid of 64, similar to the I-Ching.  You can use a checkerboard and place the glyphs along the horizontal and vertical axes.   Each row is 12.5% of the whole, convert your decimal remainder to a percentage by multiplying by 100 and then bi-locate onto the grid.

Mass Massing has a zero remainder - your Treei birthday is today, if your remainder is zero.  If  you have a 0.250 remainder, this should place you a quarter of the weigh (25%) across the grid - at Flow Massing.  The pattern repeats itself on a fractal level each eighth of the weigh along.  So 0.516 becomes 51.6% is love forming as each 0.017 increment represents one sixty fourth of the distance.  At the end, 98.7% is void voiding - then we start again.  

Anyone that would like confirmation of their calculation can post the remainder to the comments and i will pin the day on the date.   When you are 64 years old, that represents having made it once through the whole calendar - you start again with your mass massing - and can say that you've lived a tree year.   Mebbe that is what the Beatles were singing about.

Namaste' ...  doc   

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