May 07, 2014


To change the world, we have to change our expectation values.  If people have the capacity to forgive themselves and change behavior, then we can set changes much more quickly than if we insist on our intolerance toward each other.  Tensions run high, when it appears that we have to compete for our share of a diminishing pie;  the same tensions deflate, when we realize that we can see through the media games and change the patterns internally.

Mind Voiding is today's Treei hour.  There are eight daze left in the current Treei day and i have already fixed the path for my next treei day.  The rest is all clean-up, finishing off the things that need be done before the next stage takes me aweigh.   I have looked at my process and bearing and have decided to continue the observation phase, while expanding to a different portion of the accordionic scale.

lemme promised to introduce CoZ.   As you can tell from the tone and tenor of the blog, we are seeking a different operating system for the human experience.  CoZ is Cozmic Consciousness.   CoZ is the brain child of Lu - one of the most light energetic people that I know.  Lu is spearheading the DNA healing group - ah, i get ahead of myself sometimes.   I love Lu as a sister and a dear friend - I also enjoy crunching numbers and measuring things for her.   By delving into meta-physics as a yang to chemistry's yin,  I have found a bridge of science and spirituality.

In the quest for truth, many items have to be relegated to the flux box.  When a teaching comes into question and needs greater thought to determine its validity, the flux box gets used to store the topic and hold it in stasis, where it cannot be used until proven, unless the concept is embedded.   Slowly, i can tease that topic out into more and more depth until i get a fix on what it was that was bothering me. Then i can look and modify the concept - once i have clarified how i wish to approach the questionable knowledge.

As a reality based light worker,  I can question some of the premises on the basis of  'can the mechanism happen' ?   I look at the desirability of the end result as a function of the time and effort that it takes to get there.   My goal here, is to evaluate mechanisms of potential growth to explain emergent behavior on other larger scales.   Everything starts on the ground, as an idea of a single person.   If it gets legs, then more peeps get aboard with the idea and use it to grow in their own capacity.  Good ideas spread, unless intellectual property laws stop them.

Lu and I work in different realms.  Lu looks at the light world from the lu point of view - a very unique perspective.   She needs to set a place where lu can be lu , like the blog here where doc can be lemme. CoZ - Cozmic Consciousness is a chat room clearinghouse for empowering ideas and peeps.   So many peeps wake up, know there is something up, but do not know where to get good information about what is.  CoZ is self-produced programming.   

To begin, we just start by starting.  CoZ will have her own blog space that explains how to behave on site.  The blog will keep track of schedules and pass along information on what is happening.  The programming will be driven by the audience and the action of individuals who wish to promote and market new 5D ideals.  There will be specific do's and don'ts - but the idea is to share truth.   CoZ will not be a hang-out - it will morph based on the creativity of the collective.

Now, speaking as lemme, there is a degree of change that need be met here.  Small groups of driven people are finding the latitude to come together. They need to retain their identity as more peeps come in, yet the peeps that come in have voices to share in the collective.  Community in virtual space is extremely different from community in grounded space on land that it controls for its own uses.  The changes will encompass more than simple choice - there is a lot of work involved.

If CoZ works, i expect it to spin out fractals of itself at many scales.   CoZ will serve as a coordination HUB and an information exchange - she will need technical support and some novel structuring.   I hope to use Treei as a format for placing knowledge into a different disconcerted database - one that doesn't allow the cognitive dissonance of modern language to get in the way of finding what is real.  We serve Gaia, thyme to step up to the next level.

namaste' ...  doc and lemme

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