May 06, 2014

Consciousness II

When we use the term fractal form, it means that every scale is self-similar to every other scale.  The architecture and format may be different, the flow patterns and mechanics only have to be aligned at adjacent scales.   As we look at the world from the human size perspective, we see things vastly changing, as opposed to when we look at things from a space perspective.

Gaia is not just a round shaped, animate globe object;  that is only the form that we can see at the scale that is our observation portal.   A sphere is the universal representation for one individual.   We take our one to be us, a human individual.   I see where the 7 billion conscious humans on earth can be likened to a species of ants that has taken on a closed system habitat.   When the ants are taken as one scale down from humans - barely visible until you look - then, we can compare the lifespan of an ant to the lifespan of a human to the lifespan of a planet.   Human and ant are adjacent fractals and planet and human are similarly size spaced apart. 

Can we look into our microscope as we study ants and see things that are sized as barely visible on the ant scale?   This might be a fleck of detritus from the skin of a human, or a piece of a grain of salt.  We know that there are lifeforms on that scale  (i.e. amoeba, bacteria, viruses, and fungi)  that go several orders of magnitude smaller than that, barely visible at the grain of sand scale.  Their world is self-contained, animated and totally separate from our conventional reality.   And still, two or three scales up from the water molecule.

We humans like to animate things to have human thought patterns, even though we do not recognize the object as life.   I can write a story from the perspective of say, a bicycle seat, and every one of you can imagine the thought pattern involved - yet we know that a bicycle seat is not sentient.  At least, not in any form that we recognize.  Sorry for the crude analogy, but i needed to jog your imagination.

As scale progresses to smaller, less complex species,  process has to become 'simpler' in order to function at the same level, with less physical mass.   Systems are streamlined to be automated, so that the individual does not have to consciously breathe - there is time and room for other inputs.   The mechanisms always conserve energy when operating efficiently.   The scale of the process function determines the material needs.  No process can run unless the material needs are met.

Order and chaos are not human mind creations.   The human mind puts things into a semi-logical order, in order to see patterns that allow judgments.   The structure is based on an expectation that everything we know is consistent with the weigh that we observe it.   This works distinctly upon our scale, but requires conjecture when applied to different scales.

Now, does the ant perceive itself as ant from a human perspective or as human from an ant perspective.   This seems like a silly question - how do we know what the ant perceives?  But it is not, because the only way we have of seeing anything is from the human perspective.  If intelligence, mind, is not shaped by the form of matter, then the ant thinks in its own terms, based on its level of scale and never even considers human - it is too big and out of scale size.  Just like we see only rocks and stars when we look at space.  An ant could not see or imagine our human sky, with moon, sun and stars.

If every sentient being, at every level of scale, sees the same things, only different as a function of size, where smaller is simpler and larger is more complex, then we can imagine that human intelligence is embodied in every living form.  This perception is limited, by the need to be simpler in form as we get smaller in size, up to a point where physically, there is not enough there, there to hold sentience.  I believe that this level begins at water, that water is the species that consciously directs the metabolism and evolution of Gaia.

namaste' ...  doc

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