May 15, 2014

Consciousness IV

The image of control is cool, calm and collected.  The weigh is a form for looking at our current position and extrapolating into the future, based upon the past.  Since we are always in the NOW, the illusion of reality is a combination of what we think as an individual and what we are programmed to think as a collective whole.  

The destiny of a fractal system is based upon the initial starting position of the entities of that system.  In other words, chaos and order dance in a yin/yang relationship and the single point in tine that we are individually placed is exactly where we were destined to be, at this time.  This time is only NOW and any other time is NOW in appearance at that time.

I have noticed a problem on the internet concerning resources and timing.   The amount of resources required to pull in standard website like google and yahoo cause all other sites to slow down when multiple windows are opened.  The anti-virus programs are also slowing things down - they take nearly two hours longer to run these days.  Our dependence on the computer for information, communications and entertainment may be in the waning days - one good solar burst of a CME and we have life off-line again.  Are you ready?

The sun is a parallel conceptually to the nucleus of a cell.  If you stood on that cell and blacked out everything that wasn't another cell nucleus, you be looking at stars in a sky.   The orientation of where we are in the scheme of scale is not the center middle of everything.  Our egos just like to think that.  Humanity is a thought form that places itself ahead of all non speaking thought forms - at its own peril.

Gaia is another level of thought that is fractals away from the place we find ourselves in this NOW. How Gaia appears to Gaia is something that we cannot know, yet she appears as a sphere with water and land to us in this particular holographic illusion.  That we are rotating, translating and vibrating in many dimensions produces a particular common theme that comes aboard our mental display.  How do we see the same things?

Perhaps we have a common agreement with ourselves at another cognizant level.  When we sleep, we recharge our body batteries and get our personal energetics ready to run for another 24 hour day.  But where do we go when we leave this world?  That we scatter to the winds and have another form that we play in, only to return to this form each morning is what the seems is.  How do we know what the is is?

We don't know.  We create mental images to explain things that we do not grok.  We believe what we are taught unless it conflicts with what we know - yet, there is no weigh of knowing that what we know is based on anything that we know.  Chemistry is a nice abstract - i can grok it.  The thyme to come together to discuss what we know is now.  See you soon.

namaste' ...  doc 

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