May 03, 2014


How are we able to create a holographic universe that is consistent between multiple persons?  In order to change the current movie, we need to write a new script based on something different than the same old hero's story.  Doc has some ideas for how we can change the patterns;  however, they need to be tested on a smaller scale to tweak them into something that still works as the numbers grow larger. 

Tomorrow morning at 8 am local time (MDT), Bright, Libra and Lemme will hold a conversation about Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth and the developing mass consciousness of love.  All are welcome.  The purpose is the start of a new direction of learning endeavor - we hope to create a new weigh for eyes to see the world ... with the beauty and skill of Gaia, appreciated for the miracle that life is.

People need to take the time to grow internally.   This means taking upon ourselves another journey into the unknown and attempting to create something out of the cognitive dissonance that has become the big show.  By creating a little show, we hope to focus on aspects of developing that particular nuance that allows a new idea to take hold and spread - emergence, that is what we are after.

We can watch better with four eyes than with two.  The four i's stand for interpersonal interactive information interchange.   This network, built thru the internet, can allow us to sort thru what the media is saying all over the world.  Europeans get different news from Americans and Brits get different news from both.  The focus of attention is diverted by the media's need to report gossip.  As people wake up, they will need a different perspective.

Doc is going to collect points of view.  Our group currently spans half the globe, as India and South America are both represented.  It would be nice to add more places - our current scale is still workable in the first person.  In fact, it requires you be in the first person - you are responsible for you own thoughts.  The catalog of diversity can build a light congregation, that can resolve all conflict and create solutions to every challenge.  A rainbow courtroom !

Science and Spirituality are two sides of a single coin.   Gaia uses systems with natural overabundance whereas rule of man has separated every aspect from each other.  The nature of bonding is such that we need to feel love in order to be productive.   The current day is beautiful - enjoy the vibration of love and bask in the warmth.  The rate of change is breathtaking.  Hasta manana.

Namaste' ... doc

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