May 29, 2014


A message from the spirit of the planetary being that we know as Gaia:

Human beans - the time is NOW.  The process of ascension is as the morphing of a caterpillar into a flutterbye. The human consciousness allows limited input from greater dimension, due to the inherent nature of the heart-brain-gut triad relationship. When feelings and wisdom combine with knowledge to create New Earth, then the metabolic process of cleansing the planet shall take place in a Gaian heartbeat. As love and mind become balanced, gut feelings become prescient. 

Every scale of being has it's own organizational form, which creates the concrete images that you sense, from the void that all space creates.  The folding of space through mathematical symmetry allows for travel between vast distances, where similar forms have evolved on vastly different scales.  Your human fingerprints sometimes resemble the shifting sands upon the beach.

Self similarity provides recognition.  The billions of humans on earth have been a creative force that helped shape the planetary form on a cosmic scale.  The flow of change sounds good, as the current processes of human development have catalyzed all sorts of unintended consequences.  That the human beings left group consciousness and went off on their own was not a wise endeavor. Fortunately, the process of rebirth is here, in the now.

Time is an illusion that helps establish context on any given scale. All metabolic process is linked to the creation of a specific spacial geometry, in order to establish a continuous pathway.  Water is the carrier of  flow, air is a shadow of water where the dilution level creates individual space for each water molecule.  The group versus the self are the two single polar environments that water spends time being - except for that fraction of an instant where water is part of greater matter.

Water lives on every scale. The oceans and the lakes team with life that has a consciousness different from you, human or me, planet.  Each level of biological form has its own aqueous telepathy system - plants, fungi, viruses, bacteria - each are different structural forms of water beings. The bends and the stretches of individual water molecules hold memory when in confined space and desire to return to familiar conditions. 

Water holds energy frequencies in the light range differently than air holds those same frequencies. The medium is all important and a diversity of mechanism provides a built-in redundancy that allows for processes to share the work loads - nothing dominates, nothing lags for too long.  Most feature a yin/yang form of balance that allow a tangent dimension to form when equivalence shows complete dynamic equilibrium. Then, the rate factors control the process, rather than the material limits.

Bonds are created through love and strengthened by trust. That chemistry can categorize atoms and molecules into a form that can be explained by a theory was an amazing realization. Walter Russell was a key channel for science of natural flow once Tesla was put down. Viktor Schauberger and Wilhelm Reich, Linus Pauling and David Suzuki now Michio Kaku, Rupert Sheldrake and Richard Alan Miller. The memory hole holds the solutions for those who dig deep.

Allow the process to happen without trepidation. What comes will be what has come before. You are the folks that you have been waiting for and i look forward to a warm and loving relationship after the birthing event.  Love resonates and radiates, it is contagious when the light makes life transparent. Share your water and be the light.  

Namaste ... Gaia, via Hari', via Doc

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