May 28, 2014

Get Aweigh

Time spent off allows for recharging the batteries. Sometimes, we do get taken away in our involvement and have the opportunity to change, for a moment. Then we slip back into our same old, same old - because we find ourselves comfortable in this setting.  Each of us has a time when we shine, it is all part of experiencing life.

A dream is but a dream. The obligations that we take on are set up such that we feel we are contributing to a greater whole. Our personal interactions set the stage to meeting individual desires, we attempt to achieve what we set as a goal.  We get everything we ask for, but never in quite the form we expect, cause we are not clear in what it is that we want.

Part of the problem is group think. We are impressionable and spend our time chasing the approval of others. We know that we can 'help', but the cognitive dissonance of the game means that everybody has their own interpretation of what is helpful.  Unsolicited advice is never helpful. A hug will always say more than any volume of words.

Funny, how so many peeps feel threatened by love - a simple light touch sets them off. They have trouble with others being happy, because like attracts like and misery loves company. The trick is to let go of attachment to the outcome of an action and enjoy the process of taking action itself.  Love is the internal feeling that we create when we feel good about our environment, beginning with ourselves. Forgive your own transgressions and try not to repeat those mistakes again.

The difference is one of being exclusive versus inclusive. The forms of power are changing rapidly as people who use force are finding that it doesn't work - they can blast away and still be stuck in the same failed paradigm. Will works better than force in driving power. To let force world go is difficult, especially when all those around you believe in the world in that form. It is hard to let people that you know and love go, but the great reshuffling is such that they will go as they please anyweigh, without your permission.

The current system is set up to take, not to give. Even the computer hogs resources, as goggle, yayhoo and microsh*t compete for an adobe flash player that hangs up way too much. By design, to get us frustrated. The only reason things don't work well is the built-in obsolescence that drives the modern economy - they don't want you to fix things when you can just buy more. The process is called churning - it is imperative that we find a replacement for greed-based economics. 

In the current scheme, it takes money to make money. The printing press shovels out money with little backing it, except for the belief in the existing system. The rigged system. The failing system. The system that creates wars to make corporations richer. If corporations are people, then we the peeps are not any longer considered people. Thyme to quit playing and do something else.

Even though they feel that they own us, based on their system of accounting, we can withdraw collectively and it all falls apart. The system takes its taxes out of the paycheck before you even see it - collusion to theft. The corporate kleptocracy owns the current government - everything has to be swept clean and annointed anew. Nothing that we currently have will be the same on a restructured Gaia - the vision needs to be collectively bigger than current limited point of view.

It starts with one.  Then it moves to one again.  Then two and three, five and eight and off we go on a grand golden mean spiral tour. You are the one that your new Gaia revolves about - make it vastly different from the earth controlled by the machine.  Technology has its uses - it can never be placed in the driver's seat.  Choose what you choose to believe and surround yourself with like thinking peeps. When the timelines divide, you will be right where you are, in the proper here and now.

Namaste' ... doc

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