May 30, 2014

Imagine the Garden

And we've got to get ourselves, back to the garden ...  by the time we started Woodstock, we were half a million strong ...

The words of songs can be inspirational and prophetic. The 60s reshaped the world as we knew it and set the stage for a time line split - not into two but four absolutely unique Gaia's that each travel on a different region of scale.  Doc theorizes as many as 13 earths in a concentric system, each devised to develop a different range of experience.  The one solid central earth, where time begins and ends, is a perspective boundary that established a lower limit.  This is 'The Garden', the original Eden. Realize that the scheme is not a hierarchy - size and scale depend upon each other and act as borders for individual experience.

Earlier this morning, i began to question the ideas of modern physics concerning matter and the void.  Science claims that most solids are empty space with point lattice nuclei containing sub-atomic particles - quarks, strings and other strange things. Chemistry only begins to be relevant at the atomic scale - hydrogen and oxygen atoms combine to make a water molecule.

Matter can be categorized by the amount of water that it contains.  The more water clusters together, the greater the dimension that it can function cognitively.  That water communicated with other water molecules in many significant ways is one of those facts hidden in plain site where nearly nobody realizes the implications.  All life forms on earth are aqueous solutions of bio-active molecules that have over 99 out of 100 individual molecules being water.  The water accounts for about 70% of the weight.

When water moves with turbulence, the communication is at much higher frequency.  If we take the range of octave scales, water functions at every scale, not just the one scale that we humans perceive.  Water is the active participant in flow - the flow rate is a function of individual reactive molecules coming together in the proper forms to enable a reaction.  By the time we encounter this level of biochemistry, the water molecules number in the billions of billions.  What might we encounter with as many water molecules as are in an ocean?

The concentration of a solution is the amount of substance, solute, dissolved in the water solvent.  This can be measures as a percentage of the whole either by weight or by volume.  The minimum concentration necessary for sentience should become a point of research - what is the smallest thinking thing?  I believe that we would find that it is the water molecule itself.  For more on the memory of water - see Schiff's book - The Memory of Water (1993) about the adventures of French scientist Jean Beneviste' and his encounters with the science nannies of the time.

That water creates the holographic illusions that can be seen consistently by water based life forms makes sense.  The power is in the water, which is held together by unique chemistry named hydrogen bonding - we should have called it water love.  Love is the source of comfort, non-bonding interactions between adjacent water molecules that align is like water sex.  One big orgy of water into water into water - creating consciousness on different scales.

The garden is where water finds perfect life.  Perfect life is okay, for a while, but peeps need different experience to keep a diversity of action going on within their lives.  So do water molecules.  So they stir the pot, so to speak, and create the twelve outer Gaia's to experience things, on a grid scale of 64.  Divide 64 by 1.61 (phi) to get the fractal width of dimension. Then imagine a Mobius loop where very large is very small and form displays nicely.

See you when you get to the garden. Namaste' ...  doc

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