May 17, 2014

Niche Science

Process revolves
With uncertainty via
Cyclic phenomena
Products of process A
Raw materials
For future input
Somehow shuffling
Thru multiple eternities
Constantly back
To process A
Predators lurk
Prey scamper
Population upheavals
Where balance can be seen
By cause and effect
In segregated roles
Determining order
From the chaos of life
Occasions an event
Which wipes clean the slate
Perpetrator from niche
Where function necessary ceases
And cyclic process stops
Stone cold dead crazy y’know

Until gaia creates evolves uncovers
Migrates form to cover function
Pathways to the end result
Are offline for the time and place
Gaia, in ubiquitous redundancy,
Allows niches to exit
With grace and aplomb
At the end of their functional time
At the end of their functional space
At the end of their functional livelihood
As Harrison said – all things must pass
There is nothing wrong with this
There is nothing right with this
It is just this

Novel creatures find a vacancy
A whole where process lies dormant
A world of raw material
Setting idle waiting to be transformed
To get back on with the process of life
While other process’ function
Picking up the slack in the line of life
Do you use the right lure on the life line?
Does your fish catch enough bait to remain
Attached to the pathway where your feet tread?
Can you feel the change rumbling, tumbling
Stirring upheaval in the bellies of folks
Dissatisfied with the means handed forth
By the playing deck of societal privilege
Being in the right place at the right time
Is the right of every activist – at your expense

By the time time passes
When slack collectors are overtaxed
Our novel pathways, cut clean with
Development costs unrelated to result
Novel trivialities of high cost, low mileage
Special tickled interest of goons
Loading up the strictures of the structures
Bind us into a single superhighway
Full throttle and running strong
Opposite of redundant ubiquity

Now people people are another breed
Science requires multiple
Lines of reason
Concise thought that won’t agree
Until convergence at the end
Of the chutes and ladders road
Where two forwards to one back
Is optimistic for the intent of creation
Goals in so many forms
Each personal and driven
Each broad and all encompassing
Each common and yet unique
Goals in so many forms
Have a chance, an option to succeed

As roadblock encumbers pathway
Artificial imposition of will
Limits to – you think my way
Else I blow you to smithereens –
Where is smithereens
Is it next to nirvana?
Is it just me or is everybody unfulfilled?

People reinternalize grubbermint
As an understructure
As we are not slaves but sovereigns
Each takes on a role well
A different hat that lights our torch
Seuss novel Go Dog Go hat
An expectation that our hat fits me
An expectation that our hat fits you
An expectation of a few hours service
With hats on and even blinders
Where Solomon and Ghandi walk the halls
With Newton, Pauling and Scheherazade

A life of inherent thunder
To be dedicated to public service
We the people behind Oz screen
We the people who run the show
We the people who use the backdrop
To develop a matrix of mutual support
Working productively for infinite value
Freely trading goods for wares
Time for place
In an open market
Of global peace

 lemme howdt 2005 (cc - creative commons) copy freely with attribution

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