May 11, 2014

Rain Cleanses

It is raining hard with lightening and thunder this morning.  A good cleanse of the natural system is in order.  Sometimes, i wonder whether the external weather is governed by our immediate frame of mind.  I personally am revisiting a lot of old work right now, patching up holes and getting ideas ready to flow into the next phase.  Today is Void Powering - moving toward the end of a very clear tree-day, in the 60th tree-hour.  I have accomplished some personal growth and enhanced the weigh.  A good day - with four hours left before the next tree-day masses.  Nice hard rain.

Interesting to watch the bird feeder - many awesome presences come in for a few cracked seeds.  The other day there were three doves on the fence, lined up waiting their turn.  A very colorful bird showed up and we thought maybe it was a parrot cross.  We were thinking this, until his mate showed up with the same color patterns.  I need a bird guide book.  A key.

To another land.  I started discussing time lines on another forum and derailed the train of thought.  I believe that there are two major timelines and also a lot of secondary tangents.  Just like our computers can be off-line, our physical bodies can have adventures off-time.  These journeys give us insight into different perspectives from other scales.  We can take the form of a bird - and fly overhead - simply by using google earth.  As Spock would say - Fascinating.

Crack of lightening and roar of thunder.  Wake up again.  Super heavy rain - must be making progress.  The timelines are guided in theme - love flowing is the expansion of letting go of the concepts that are too big too fail, like economics. Guess what? It fails, beautiful, that's okay.  We can imagine something different and manifest it to be.  Or not to be.

Perhaps the fear timeline can be thought of as power powering.  In the absence of the seven other themes, peeps can get caught up in the inevitability of this way is the only way.  Let it go and feel the energies course over you from many other dimensions.  We are evolving and integrating, from a segregated whirled to a unity universe.   We have a playlist of videos lined up at CoZ to help answer questions.

Namaste' ...  doc

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