May 24, 2014


Thinking about thought.  if an idea catches on and takes physical form, how quickly can it transmit through an awakened aether?  The tinnitus that we hear ringing in our ears is part of the DNA programming change as Gaia evolves.  Imagine yourself as a planet in space - coming into a novel form as a chrysalis changing into a flutterbye.  Or a rainbow bird ...

Sunshine returned yesterday for the third time over the seven year adventure.  She is a goddess who appeared first as a naked nymph in the sacred sanctuary Toketee - just as the cosmic sailor was appreciating the morning with a lost doc at the beginning of the adventure.  The second coming began at a meeting in Ashlandia - a place that qualifies as odder than Portlandia, even with Fred Armison present.  The gathering was premature, but the friendship was well appreciate.  Coz Yel Star kin #208 ready to serve, as always.

Sunshine walks an illuminate pathway.  She answers questions while questioning answers, with love in peace.  The sudden appearance of a lovely memory is an indicator that the cosmic swirl is bringing back times that we once had, to reminisce again.  Happiness is the reward from past happiness, each cycle sways back with an ebb that flows directionally, from a yin to its yang, then back to yin.  

Lights, cameras, action.   The collection of 144,000 is currently rolling again in another fractal form.  The 100th monkey groks complexity of order amidst the foundation of chaos, yet has little clue that it is the revolutionary chaos that presupposes a better order.   The structural lattices that we build today serve as foundations for the future - as we imagine it to be.  Rainbows, lollypops and Sunshine everywhere.

namaste' ...  doc

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