May 06, 2014

Two Stages

World Transformation
One individual at a time
Will never ever happen
The wave of the scale
Has Breath – influx and outflow
                       each time achieving
                       a different altitude
                       moderated sine waves
                       irregular as a heartbeat …
Beat goes on and the beet
Radiates redness in dye-namic fashion
Bulls eye view of the fury
So many different connotations of color

World Transformation
One individual at a thyme
Is the only weigh it can happen
The scale of the wave
Has depth – flux in and howdt
                      consciousness resonating
                      demonstrable aptitude
                      logarithmic wave cycles
                      set to a golden mean …
Mean people deviate from the mean
Upsetting platters radiating cognitive dissonance
Creative cause of the fury
Change via rainbows; light induced color.

2013 lemme howdt - © creative commons

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