May 05, 2014

What to do, what to do

The rate at which time is moving is masked by the settings on our clocks.   A single day today contains almost a year of input, that is filtered and rewritten and over-interpreted by the liars and thieves in charge.  Globalization has taken place;  the uber-structure is so frail that the end of one sequence becomes the beginning of the next one.  We are here folks, in the NOW !

Our current thinking on large and small is stuck in a rut.  We have been taught bigger, badder, best and that supplies are limited.  Then, we are placed into a system that requires us to trade our time for money to pay for things that ought to be our birthright.  Then, we are sold as chattel and mortgaged for the sake of a few peeps that took advantage of the system when others were playing honestly.  Or were they?  

Too big to fail, eh?  Too greedy to succeed!  Kunstler nails it - thyme to work on different paths, because the context of the prior system is awash in - dead air space.   The solution is to think small, not large.  To build up from the ground, in self-directed space, is one privilege of owning your own time.  If you have to be churned by the system, for food and rent to be in space that is not yours - the time has come to just stop.  Overcome your fears and stop doing the things you hate to do.

The question of scale arises, again.  If you work on a scale of one, where you are in touch with your feelings and your own mind set, then you are much better off, in perspective of change.  The more dependence you have on the provisions of the current system, the more likely you are tied to the mythic chaos being created by the forces of darkness and their scorched earth policies.   That they have already lost creates its own variant upon the system.

For eyes - interactive information exchange - is a net creation that does not have a life quite yet.  It has an initial appearance as a personal media network, yet the mechanisms change daily because the scattered tools are protected by ownership.  This concept of what i have in mind being owned by someone else is a silly fragment of a real system - it is based on notions of artificial scarcity, rather than atomic abundance.  

I plan to introduce CoZ to you all pretty soon - just as soon as i clarify in my mind what my personal mission is within the realm of another person's idea scheme.  I watched a fragment fragment and think i have learned something about congregate grouping.  

Group theory holds that symmetry gets broken by the removal of one.  It is why, prime numbers surround the holotomes.   If we look at the small scales, fragmentation might be like giving birth to a new and novel entity.  History follows strange and charmed sequences, as it builds a story that is about a one greater than one.

Humans imply their belief systems onto each other.   Misunderstandings occur when people misread motives based upon personal prior experience.  By contemplating depth relative to a secondary dimension, like the abstract we call chemistry, we can change the form of substance and see things from a separate alternate perspective.  It may require dropping some concepts, like economics and money, governance and common law, and linear mathematics and science.

Is a belief system necessary?  Can we believe without the discipline of systemic thought?  Is anarchy the absence of governance or a form of governance itself?  Two of the largest challenges to face up to and overcome are land distribution and intellectual property rights.   The former has been set in a manner that rewards criminality and cannot be tolerated moving forward - redistribution of wealth has to be based on something like merit rather than the greed of past history.  The latter means ending the sequestration of knowledge for profit.

The Clinton administration changed the rules on university professors working in cohoots with industry.  Once knowledge started being sequestered at universities instead of being taught, we lost the whole underpinning of the current system.  The Titanic iceberg sure looks like a pink elephant - please stop rearranging the deck chairs.  Law is not order, it is forced chaos of placing square pegs in round holes.

A natural system will arise from the cognitive dissonance, once the tipping point is reached.  Learn to be prepared, by recognizing what you know you know and how you know it.  Reevaluate all assumptions and be ready for new facts to reshape context.  Open your heart to love, and give the benefit of the doubt to new ideas, rather than being cynical.   The air must change before the events can occur.

Namaste' ... doc

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