May 18, 2014

What's In Water

The conversation on water is deeply theoretical, yet also deeply practical.  Water is ubiquitous, so we tend to take it for granted.  Our health depends on remaining hydrated - drinking enough water to keep our systems flushed and flowing.  Doc is going deeper into the nature of water, writing a treatise on the topic that should turn into a good book.

The alignment of water is due to the polar nature of the water molecule.   The descriptor polar refers to the dipole moment, a chemistry term that essentially implies charge separation.  Charge interaction drives chemistry in a form where opposite charges attract to share or gift electrons.  Like attracts like also, so water molecules line up in a well organied relationship, where the hydrogen bonding is maximized.

Water being polar allows the inorganic elements to become ions, that is to hold charge.  An ion is a species that hold positive (cation) or negative (anion) charge, by gifting away or accepting electrons.  Salts are combinations of ions - like NaCl, sodium chloride, table salt - a Na+  holding with Cl- .  When dissolved in water, the salt dissociates and the ions migrate, stabilized in solution.

Water is the universal solvent, it will carry many different things.  The total suspended solids is a measure of how much stuff is actually in your water.  It requires a scale and a filter and a liquid measuring device.  The scale should be able to resolve milligrams - water laboratories typically use an analytical balance for the task.  The filter is carefully weighed and then exactly a liter of water in poured through it.  The items captured on the filter arewhat was suspended in the water.  Tap water runs through enough screens that there should not be suspended solids, but lake or stream water has plenty.

The suspended solids are only part of the picture. There are also dissolved solids, all those ions that we talked about.  If you catch the liter of filtered water and evaporate off the water, the residue left is the total dissolved solids.   Hard water contains ions like calcium and iron that solvate easily, but are readily apparent when the water is removed.   The total charge of the cations will equal the total charge of the anions - solids without water do not hold charge - the ions revert to salts.

Structured water has to do with the alignment of all the molecules within the water.  This can be accomplished physically or chemically.  Victor Schauberger getsmuch of the credit for the realization that water structuring can be used to purify the water form - movement and aerations were the keys to his flow form designs.  On a smaller personal scale, i use a structured water unit to cause the same spinning action that whips up a good chaos that descends into a structured order.  The linked web page should be scrolled down and read for more valid water information.

The water that i use does not come from the tap.  Municipal water systems are notorius as the worst water polluters on the planet - yet they assume liberties that we do not appreciate.   Flouridation is a means of disposing of industrial waste and has very bad health effects.  The minimum municipal water quality standards make a lot of money for water labs, but really do not assist the people. Yet the authorities want to claim that cow dung is their major water contaminant.  Not so. I use reverse osmosis water purchased from a water store in 100 gallon lots.

In Oregon, doc was part of a watershed council.  This group contained representatives from each group that claimed interest in the water - including timber industry, environmentalists, tribes, and municipalities.  The Feds stood back and watched claimed uber-control, but basically served as advisors.  There was money from lottery and rural school funds that landed on the ground, to open up fish passage by replacing undersized culverts under rural roads.  Even got a big tunnel in Canyonville that went under Interstate-5 and opened 30 miles of fish habitat, closed off since the 1960's.  The salmon runs returned.

Back to structured water - there seems to be communication between all the water atoms that create the bulk of water.   When water is in water, it takes its regular structural form - but when a biological system uses the same water molecule, it takes whatever shape is required by the space available.  Water has memory - see Schiff (1993) The Memory of Water.  This memory is not discarded when the water molecule returns to the bulk water - it is held in abeyance.  Water wishes to return to the experience, to find its way back to where it once belonged.

Water can change form to become part of structure - the idea of chemical lattices is explored by Pollack (2013) in The Fourth Phase of Water.  It seems that there is more going on beyond the current scientific parameters of study.  Dr. Emoto is not a scientist, but his photography lends itself toward proving that water is intelligent.   If humans are fractally water, that has been removed from the molecular level by, say 30 orders of magnitude, which is roughly nine fractal levels (30 + 3.14) difference, then our feelings and actions might be interpreted thought a different medium.  Our water insides interacting with our air outsides may be independent of our thought process.

This bodes well for all of us.  The cleansing of the water of Gaia will help us with a fresh start toward honoring our water on all scales, rather than using it as a waste disposal system.  The water is our teacher, we are students in a world where we learn by teaching and teach while learning.  Water will be the topic of tomorrow's Divinity monday morning metaphysics session at about 8 am mountain time.

Namaste' ... doc

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