June 28, 2014

Changing Perspective

Revolving doors works like rotating planets. They spin in isolation to provide a single gateway function. To study deeply in order to learn something new, requires diligence to the focus and the application of knowledge. The current system sequesters information for profit - change will place all this data in the hands of the prophets. Each individual rises like cream to the top; there is much space on top of the inverted pyramid. Grass roots requires sunshine to grow, with transparency of the aetheric field.

To begin to learn, one should start with a clean slate. A single sheet of paper can serve as the basis for investigation, draw a line down the middle of the page. On the left side, write down the basic assumptions of the things you think you know. On the right side, write down the things that you need to figure out. Ben Franklin had a form of this approach where he separated pros and cons of political questions. Here, we are beating a new path through the brush.

The question that doc focuses on today is consciousness; how does it arise to create a uniform hologram for each of us to see the same movie? If Gaia is an alive, awake being, which we see in the form of a 'planet', how does Gaia see herself in form and how does she interpret human form? How does she interpret an ant colony or a bee hive? If nature is defined as the metabolic process of Gaia in the life giving form, and we accept that as above, so below works in fractal form, then the one consistent matter between scales that remains most similar in form is water.

I once offered a class online called the Many Faucets of Water. Nobody registered. The challenge was not in the content, it was in the education system.  The brainwashed merikn believes that classes are for credits. Monopolization of the learning process has made school into social indoctrination into corporate kleptocracy. Nothing may remain except the people, the process of rebuilding begins at the grass roots level and has to work for everybody or else it works for nobody.

Social criteria these days involves being politically correct and not treading on anybody else's feelings. Let's call BS on that! Telling peeps the truth with love is much less upsetting than being lied to sweetly. Memory is a wavicle that works like a thread balanced as a sine wave between two points. As time progresses, the string is pulled taunt and the memory fades to just a few perceptions of the past, until a trigger device resets the form back to the original event setting and it relives itself again as a memory, in slightly less congruent form. 

The puzzle is then reconstructed by the brain, which is like playing the game telephone - each iteration is somewhat less correct than the prior, as far as the way it came down and the personal memory contained within.  The more use, the more reinforcement of the new patterns. When we lie to ourselves, we change the memory sequence to believe our construct, rather than the form of the reality that occurred during the actual process. Thus we each live in our own holograph within the larger illusion of similar time/space.

How do we get to the common delusion? By teaching our young to believe truths that are not true. Science was presented as the is all of everything; the growing child that is still contained within is a frustrated individual who had to figure out things on his own. The illusion played games by adding layers of nonsense between items of implied importance. The broken record had to be changed - the process made victims out of all of us by restricting the visions to a very narrow scope. What is, is more unseen than seen, and hidden by the illusions presented as real life by the media and the powers that used to be.

The time is coming where this illusion is laid bare. The planetary scale, where Gaia plays, is to the galactic scale as Hue-mans are to ants and bees. Finding the scales of life between, involve stopping the extinction of large animals and the cutting of old growth trees. Memory resides in the water and the water is terribly constrained at this level by the narrow range of thinking in the human species. Of course, it is really not the water that feels any constraint at all, it is the human peeps that have restricted the form of knowledge to only what can create corporate profit within the monetary system.

System failure. Begin reset process. Group information need be collated into a different weigh - a form where the form of water is analyzed and life is honored as the way that water carries intelligence through all species of Gaia in order to provide metabolic process based on chemical and electrical communications. The former is a subset of the latter and regrouping what we know is the only weigh to completely change perspective. Our children for the next seven generations will appreciate us for doing this work now.

Namaste' ... doc

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