June 08, 2014

Depth of Time Fractals

Doc is so lost in doc whirled, that sometimes he forgets to come up for air.  His isolation over several years has led to a journey of elemental proportions - he is now attuned to natural resource from a water basis. This envelopment of scale of being allows vision over a different harmonic form - the creation of an alternate timeline universe based outside of the economic realm. The challenge is the need to straddle the borders with current reality, which seems as unreal as any good piece of fiction.

Perspective is lost in the depths of consciousness. The scale that water works upon is greatly magnified over the course of many sizes - we find water as water at every size in the continuum smaller than we are all the way down to the molecular level. Yet for some non-disclosed reason, we change the mode of how we think about water here at the human level. Water is Gaia - the planet has more volume of ocean than volume of land mass. The vision that comes thru the holograph into the common morphic field is created by this group consciousness of all life that is here on Gaia.

If I have lost you already, i apologize. The idea of what i feel being important to how things come into order and chaos in my own small, sheltered whirled is completely out of the borders of common scientific thought. The observer is excluded from the system - ignoring the quantum reality that everything affects everything. Our science and our spirituality are one in the same identities, divided by duality into opposing non-congruous perspective.

Time is a continuum and an irrational overlay upon the underlying thought patterns.  That our minds are open to the power of suggestion has been used against we the people for the past 100 years to create an unreal reality.  To pull the plug is to split the timelines, it has happened.  The three day yo-yo is a concept similar to Bugs Bunny's portable hole.  It means that when the event horizon occurs, whatever that event may be, there is a relative tether through time that can change the perspective of the event, to make it fit whichever illusion the populace broadcasts in common.

Since the current common has fallen apart, each of us is now on our own to create a new illusion - where it requires a hundred monkey to have an understanding of how is is to be.  That 100 monkey effect calculates into 144,000 human persons.  How do we count awakened peeps?  Is there a single timeline that we awaken to, or are there multiple timelines that each require a critical mass?  How do these time line thingies work, anyway?  

Each of us has a different perception, with ourselves located at the point source of thought.  If the planet, Gaia, is a self at the scale of planetary beings and there is one planet in the multiverse for every human soul, then our infinity cosmos of as above, so below takes on a completely different shape and form.  Are we a round globe?  What is a point source?  How deep can fractals go?  When we share our space, our water connects to others waters.  As we are all one, unity is necessary to stop the confusion of so many different entities rapidly convoluting everything.

Let us define the human harmonic scale as the current scale of Gaia that we call home here.  This human harmonic scale runs from the size of a grain of salt to the end of this particular solar system.  Let us also define the range of sizes in this scale as being 6.28 orders of magnitude from the one of the salt grain.  That is the salt grain to human range is 3.14 and the human to solar system range is 3.14.  Water is contiguous over the entire range - see suspicious 0bserver for the space water discussion.

The human range of direct observation is about half that - 1.61 to the large and small. That takes the range of animals into the human fractal as a sub-fractal. This is an adjacent area, where the physics has to be continuous, but the manifestation does not. Pets live in their own time frames, which is a sub-set of our human time frame. Think over the time of your life, how many pets that you have had that shared your love unconditionally. Well, maybe partially conditionally, because you took on the responsibility to feed them. The food chain is just one weigh of looking at the interconnectedness of everything.

Realize now, that your pets think they are human, in the form that pets think. Cats know they are cats, act like cats, but the kitty thought process is the very same method of thinking, only on a different fractal scale. Kitties do not extends out to our solar system - yet they likely recognize our sun Sol as the largest conceivable entity in their existence. And when we change fractal from cat to flea, the same relationship exists - and flea harmonic is still at the far edge of human harmonic. And flea conceives flea as human, there is a tardegrade sized being that is to flea, as flea is to cat, yet off our human scale entirely.

So doc's concept of timelines involves splitting off a new timeline at a simpler scale at each decision making process.  The contextual human you makes a decision and immediately the same scenario gets regenerated at a completely different scale - somewhere outside the human harmonic continuum.  The entire scenario plays itself through to its ultimate ending for the sake of the experience, but you on this human scale never notice it.  The being that we are that notices experience is something else, not on the human scale.  As water provides the continuum between scales, i would guess that water is the medium for all experience, hence the seat of consciousness.

When nothing much different happens, the timelines merge back together and/or fade away, depending on where our individual consciousness lies. On the human level, we go on, oblivious to the whole scope and scale of how this time shift operates. The question becomes one of how many harmonic levels are in the life mobius strip of as above, so below? And what do beings look like at larger scales - since obviously the rocks and stars in space game is complex fiction?

Deep thought to get to here - once i sign off, it goes. The epic battle of perspective has a Fibonacci form - and i believe i just demonstrated how pi and phi work together to construct a matrix. In the past, i used a grid of 64 - which has expansion and contraction capabilities. In the now, this can serve as a basis set, with orientations like north/south/east/west when the fractal changes form. I believe the Mandala models the thirteen nations with complementary perspectives - more coming to flesh out the shape and form of individual perspective as the driver rather than group think. Perhaps the New Earth Nation can learn by observation of the games we people play.

Namaste' ... doc

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