June 06, 2014


Funny thing about time; when you are embedded within it, you have no perspective on what is happening from the larger picture. If I read my tea leaves correctly (Earl Grey, organic), the events on this day will be looked back at by future generations. What happens for each of us is exactly what we expect to happen, given the nature of life, the multiverse and everything. How does the window of history diverge?

We gather together at different frequencies to live in the patterns of that which we believe. Nothing will appear to have changed in the physical sense, except for the events that take place on any of the different major time lines. Depending on actual belief is difficult because most peeps haven't given the topic much thought. The mechanism for the matrix doesn't respect anything that takes place outside the matrix. Feelings are not scientific, they are emotional and reality depends on construct.

How quick is an instant? Let's define an instant as the amount of time that it takes to accumulate 144,000. We can call this our cosmic comic relief. The twelve have accepted a thirteenth and have united to become the clans of the Mandala. The fertile plains of existence are available through thought. More than ever, word is getting around that there are many weighs of doing things and that as the illusion dissolves, what is left is based on ... is based on ... what is reality based upon?

Nothing is real and there's nothing to get hung about. Strawberry Fields Forever. Wake up time has come and the differentiation of time is taking place in a manner than fits Fibonacci form. Expression is a concept that requires a tether - or twelve different tethers, one for each clan. The depth of the clans are expressed by the limitation of the peeps involved - thus the twelve serve as an organizational clearing house for common truth - the sum of the other twelve perspectives, filtered through the eyes of a child.

You are that child - look in wonder. Soar like an eagle or dig like a mole. Catch the spirit of a windhorse. Imagine first, then watch as change becomes to the world thru the imagination of children, us, given another chance at a start to create a garden. If that is what we decide. The question is in question and the comic book is the guide.

Life morphs. We can shape shift to be any animal familiar that we care to be, for the duration of the reality called length of life. We can choose to be a caterpillar or a benthic nymph, only to find that we undergo a chrysalis and change into a different short lived form - a weigh howdt that is way out. Only it happens every spring, every year. Imagine your perspective when embedded in a cocoon where the biochemical feel is endocannibanoid - morphine-ogenic so to speak.

They want you to fear - laugh at that. We want you to love - laugh at that.  Which laugh did you enjoy more? If you want to laugh in love, come join 144,000 peeps being exposed to information from 12 different clan perspectives. As the interplay unfolds, the size of the clan might determine the influence on the direction of the story line.  The Mandala story is a game that is parallel to the daunting realities of an uncertain landscape. Come be part of figgering it all howdt.

Namaste' ... doc and lemme

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