June 26, 2014

Game Changer

The whirled world is changing at a pace where years of time are accomplished every few days. The pace of information exchange is such that 'instantaneous truth' dominates our thought processes. Chess simulates life for me - i play games in the dark where pieces can return to life. Sorts like mushroom chess, complete with undead. It pays to become a strategic thinker.

In the whirled today, discerning truth is difficult. The overlay structures that control behavior are currently dissolving, as more peeps catch on that what is, is not what appears to be. The objective of life is not to churn money. The experiences that we bring to each other could be enhanced by treating each of us with love, including oneself. The things you like to do are very likely the things that i like to do - let us do them together, without the malice. It makes for a more fun game.

What can be done with technology far exceeds what we can visibly see.  The illusion can be made to bend and sway, as holographic reality depends only on what you believe. Traveling the stars is as easy as the blink of an eye, but our illusion tells you you cannot do that and if you believe what they say, you cant.  If you use hallucinogenics, the ability to control your own mind is no longer under your individual control - yet you still manage to wake up as you.

The drugs that big pharma and big food use are insidious. The food chain has been altered, the monsanity is changing the nature of reality. The timeline split should take us away in a direction that evolves away from corporate fiction, yet we have to choose to live that reality in the face of evidence presented from other time lines that have yet to separate. Time is distinguished by frequency - we all will appear to see something different, until the current group construct fades.

Appearance causes belief, until we understand that we control the situation in our own mind's eye.  If my internal sphere is cool, calm and collected; then the outer energy that i deal with called world perspective becomes cool, calm and collected.  I read the sites that i choose and keep up with the hysterics by laughing out loud. The urgency of the situation has created the impression of panic - on the part of the power that used to be. Power dissipates as we laugh at it.

The construct fades and we are left without common ground. To fill in requires a different thought context - one not allowed in the former whirled. It comes down to defining the support structure for each individual, what is necessary and how it can be provided. We are all one and we are each one. The each is diverse, such that the all is not in unity of collective action. The fading is good - if all of the old over structure fades away, we should only be that lucky. It depends on what you believe for you, what i believe is incidental: in my movie, those roles are reversed.

Lately, i had a world change - a television set moved into the household.  It has an awesome audio system and a box that gives access to every imaginable channel.  The learning curve for doc would be huge - but Lie to Me has three seasons worth of shows for personal entertainment, hijacking doc's versatility. The psychology involved in the show is (to use a Spock word) fascinating. The show meets my criteria for immersion - breaking bad and dr. who have received similar treatment, when the proper alignments were available. So easy to get hooked into a Hollywood trance - but this show offers an educational spin. I wonder if i could write a chemistry show of similar quality.  

Oh - NCIS is a chemistry show. The glorification of the political workings on a personal basis is magnified by the behavioral aspects embedded in the cultural aspect of these shows. We make certain assumption and the characters act out as they believe we should act.  The show is a set up and we cannot relate to the individual heroes, tho the show counts on us doing just that. We need a new novel setting to experience change - my bet is that that comes to bear in the very near future. Work on your watching skills. Be able to discern your own weigh.

Namaste' ...  doc

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