June 10, 2014

Mechanism 4 Life

Inner turbulence creates cognitive dissonance. What you see is exactly what you have been trained to observe.  Close your eyes for a moment.     What did you see? Did it have color? Was it symmetric? Do you see the same pattern, when you close your eyes again? The image on your retina remains from before, while the image from your pineal gland dominates the darkness. Close your eyes again.

Observing nature closely has led to a comprehension that things can be accomplished in many different formats. Each set of nature has its own rhythms, created by the interplay of individual harmonics over many different scales. The vibrational frequencies of lower order have long wavelength and are drawn out, such that an instant of time can be an eternity. Things change slowly and dynamic equilibrium is established at a very slow slow rate. This set contains inertia and is much more susceptible to chaos, the countermeasure of order.

High frequency peeps experience rapid changes instantaneously, as we accommodate to our contextual surroundings without attachment. A sense of wonder creates a unique vibration, which never even registers in the mundane whirled of the lower frequency. Molecules enjoy molecular motion and water mitigates the energy to produce a dampening effect. Our beings coalesce through water at high vibrational form - it takes practice to grok the idea that life is vastly different than the game we were taught. Not quite Millionaire Acres with Art Linkletter on the 100,000 bill, nor Green Acres.

The stories that we hear have basis in the same myths. The stories that we create can either be in the form of these same myths, in which case we repeat similar history, or it can be different this time. Change comes from the grass roots structure, where form is creates from mass and flow. The top down dictatorship has to be replaced with a horizontal hierarchy; where all interest groups are represented in every decision regarding their interest. This weigh give credence to value produced, yet also reward the individual with support to increase the value even more.

Domains will take shape organically. As individuals come together to support each other locally, the lattice structure of support will adapt to different form, as participants become creative in their imagination of reality. Certain infrastructure must be able to be taken for granted, yet still produced with exceptional quality by peeps who take their job seriously and have no profit motive in the actions contributed on behalf of the entire community. This means holding council with people affected by individual decisions, and taking group action as a right of self-ownership of all individual represented directly within the group.

The watershed councils in Oregon and the Mondragon region of Basque Spain are two examples of opening the door to wider leadership potential based on small geographic regions. The coming together of populations on a large scale can be facilitated by free travel - no cost, no passport and no hassle. The focus of natural resource reclamation is wise use exchange with nature, which should allow bio-friendly mining, fishing and other forms of natural bounty reaping, rather than fracking, mountain-top removal and radioactive oceans.

The easiest method to transform to paradise would be to empower our indigo and crystal children and allow them to teach us. We have an abundance of love based support that can guide the process of recreating all that has been created and realigning our sorting systems to grasp the deep relationships between all things that represent life on all harmonic scales, not just the human scale.

Life is a serial. Life is a cereal. Life is a game with a spinner. Life does not need spinning. TV and movies spin life based in fear - turn them off. Automatons cannot have the rights of living things - law is automated and must be reworked into a different form of governance. We are not represented by any group or corporation or object that is not alive and does not have our specific consent. The written words of legal agreements are all gibberish - we can create sane systems that work as long as there is no carry-over from the past failed systems that afforded privilege.

People can represent other people, when consensus allows them the size and latitude to work on a larger scale. That always comes with a reset to the size representing one on a quantum scale. Initially, one is the only one and then when finished with one, one goes onto one. Mastering one and then one again, allows the option of growing to two and then resetting the two to be one. We do this with marriage and other partnerships currently, so the concept is grokkable. When two is reset to one, each individual retains their own oneship and also consents to allowing their partner to speak for them in other groups of two or more.

When the group expands to three, then the group of two dissolves and a group of three forms. At any time, a group can revert back to a Fibonacci sum of smaller groups. The three can return to a two and one, but the two cannot represent the three without consent of all three. The jumps to five and eight work similarly. The group of eight has a different biological relevance that the smaller groups. When cells divide, the first differentiation can take place only after the first group of eight is formed. Enough group theory for the moment - i think you get the picture.

At this point - my current enlightenment is starting to regress as the highest vibration level is slipping away. This is quite likely the first essay beyond the Thyme Howdt tomb - hopefully on the bookshelves in time for x-mas.

Namaste' ... doc

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albisatya said...

Highest vibration level slipping? Say it ain't so!

I appreciate your take on spinning.