June 18, 2014

New Beginnings

Bee within, width in,
yourself this day
See all clear thoughts 
that come your weigh

Energy flow is reaching a crescendo. As the solstice arrives, the sun completes a solar celebration that allows differentiation of time based upon resonant frequency. Wavicles of sonic vibration outside the visible light spectrum are paralleled on every different imaginable scale, from infinity through divinity. Fibonacci fractals flow through a prism and the separation manifests as a function of light.

Hyperbolic function brings forth a strange attractor. The window where the axis is never quite reached seems to go past infinite duration - yet it all comes down to the initial conditions upon where we set the starting point, the zero. It changes as a function of scale, yet within scale things are vastly removed from like things by the aether of space. As the folds unfold, the mass dissolves into points of light: individuals become alone in the vastness, attracted to other point sources of light.

We all go through it - some of us have been there recently. Tracks of time rest on the belief of common outcomes, we all get exactly what our karma calls for. Chess pieces are reassembling with different identities. Common currency is dissolving and the new juice is going to be quite different in aspect and form. It all has to go - the house of cards falling is the only way to approach the illusion, as self-initiated disasters unfold for those who believe that 3d is more real than reel.

Mind your manners, be polite, yet firm, and speak your piece. Poking wounded tigers with small sticks is not wise - this is not a battle any longer. Lao Tzu reckoned that if you know your enemy and you know yourself, then the number of battles was irrelevant. There should be no battle within self - wisdom should use knowledge to support feelings and accomplish tasks of cosmic proportion. The trick is to do, not to worry about the perception of doing.

Soon, belief will change; as the game of removing cards from the lower levels of the house takes its toll. Alone without direction on a low vibration timeline will result in a common Armageddon that comes from the self-fulfilling prophesies of the Bernay's induced populace. Conditioning can be broken by intention, giving up on attachments to items of new irrelevance, like law, finance and history. Organizational interplay based upon 'might makes right' has no space - everyone should be encouraged to do what it is they do without the requirement to support a living.

Summertime, and the living is easy. The values that we hold have to be questioned and confirmed. Fractal reality changes within every group - nothing that was can be is, unless reinvented within the new paradigm. Ownership is not an allowed concept - except as in the animal kingdom, where butterflies are free to fly. Respect for each and every individual, including self-respect, is a necessary precondition. This requires love.

Love is a single word that represents so many forms, that cognitive dissonance has impaired our ability to recognize truth from conjecture. Feeling is in large portion, interpretation of events - the facet of each individual approach brings a different nuance into the partnerships. Growth occurs in stages where needs are met and outcomes are directed. 

Emerging through with something new, after encountering a strange attractor that changes the game, is where our heads and hearts should be.  Together, we higher frequency people can create the garden time-line and be relieved of the stress of incongruent thought patterns from clarity challenged lemmings in an eternal rat race.

Namaste' ... lemme howdt (far,far out there)

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