June 22, 2014

Simultaneous Civilizations

Watching the clothes tumble in the dryer cycle of our contemporary culture, one contemplates the question - What next? The curtain call will be difficult to recognize because, alas, in merika today, folks can neither afford nice curtains, nor recognize their benefits.  The time has come to go your own weigh as Stevie used to croon.

Local governance in the form of providence will take us through the shortest dark ages that anyone can imagine  By letting go of current imagery, the house of cards falling becomes an opportunity to begin again, with a brand new game that has few existing models.  'Local' will happen instantaneously as the infrastructure dependent on cheap gasoline evaporates into a stay at home, simple world.  Just one of the potential scenarios; take a moment and imagine how you would fit into a brand new world of clans and families.

My light familee gives me joy and pleasure to hang out with. We know that there are humans at the other end of the Skype line; that have similar stories of trials and tribulations against the modern form of life.  We each live in our own microcosmoses, where the people we deal with are not on the same communications wavelength. Higher frequency, where we vibrate, resonates away from current cultural norms. We can feel that emotion empathetically and wish to be away from the maddened crowds.

Role play games serve as guides to potential futures.  By coming together in a forum where we can test ideas in different spin arrangements, we can find gold in the wheat as it separates from the chaff.  There are many potential future realms and current one-size-fits-all regulation has commandeered each of these alternate realities into a single timeline that is shredding itself into nothingness - a void at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

Knowledge rests inside the hearts and minds of each individual on this planet.  It is too bad that wisdom does not share the residence.  The value of working on the scale of one is that you can rely upon yourself, as long as you don't believe the lies that you tell by repeating what you hear from others.  The unique perspective that you hold for your life is impacted by the peeps that you surround yourself with - and impacts them in much the same weigh.  Surround yourself with the type of people that you wish to be with, and it brings eternal joy and opens up many freedoms in the realm of thought.

The mixing and matching can take many forms.  We need to have the flexibility to try them all, if they have the potential to make the world into the form that we imagine it should be.  For me, i call the goal 'the garden' and have built Existence to role play development on a self-sustaining journey into 'what if' types of agriculture.  For you, well that is for you to decide.  On the small scale, we are covered by trusting our individual judgement in being with good quality friends and family.

Enter the Mandala.  The Mandala is a comic book story about the hero giving up the hero's solo journey to join his compatriots in a new contemporary form.  We have twelve clans, each based upon an animal totem that signifies an outlook. The information exchange allow refinement of different points of view, while the twelve form a union that grasps every facet of every order amidst the chaos.

Lemme chose the mole clan, because digging out the truth is the only weigh for him to know what there is to know.  He knows that what is cannot be tolerated in any form that brings back advantages gained by the play of prior games, yet realizes that games are not fair in their content - as long as the rules are equally administered, then unfair can be fair.  Who sets the rules? Who enforces them?

What if we start with no rules?  The anarchy of a no rules situation would lead to different results in different areas, because the first way that works would be continued.  Natural resources are fairly well distributed around the globe;  exchange could be worked out on a value scale that was reset relative to the needs of the local community, that produced the goods and services in demand for the peeps that were part of the clan in charge of that land mass.  Can multiple clans reside in the same land mass with different tenets of operation?

The question of how to get there from here will have to be addressed at some point. In practical terms, for now, the solution is to not consider the problem as a challenge at all. The visioning process must be conducted before the actual change can happen, yet change is happening in real time on real terms at every moment. We are ascending to a realm where whatever we wish to see is what we will see; so seeing the good and the positive light of a new dawn is limited only by preconceptions that we retain from the past.

The game is on.  Sign up, watch a few vids, look at a few comments and imagine that you can be anything that you can imagine.  We can play the Kinks and rock on and develop a different approach, without gasoline, without money, without the collaring institutions that are present day SCOTUS people in a corporate Armageddon of anti-life.  Love conquers fear when light shines transparency into the darkness.  The dark hides all the Monsantrocities in a viral epidemic of legal control.  Anarchy can start the necessary chaos that leads to a better apparent order, once that chaos spins out of control.  That is happening, sit back, detach, and enjoy watching the holograph morph.

Namaste' ... lemme and doc

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