June 05, 2014


Summertime summertime, sum sum summertime.  Sleeping with the windows open and following the sun.  Shoes and socks only when necessary, elsewise grounding to the earth and being part of the electrical connection.  The surface world is electric - not only positive and negative in ion flow, but also male and female in receptiveness.  The duality scene is breaking as we reveal different notions of the weigh things ought to be.

Summertime, and the living is easy.  Except in today's merika where Porgy and Bess are too busy complaining about unequal rights to really smell the roses.  Peeps come in all forms: the plants that began as seeds a month or so ago are all distinct beings with a character each of their own.  The girls and boys are now segregated - with one lucky guy keeping the ladies company so that no hermaphroditic shifts occur.  

This year's grow is a seed crop, first and foremost.  The world of cannibis is such that clones dominate the grow sphere because of the consistency of product.  In plant genetics, a single male goes a long way - each female represents a unique opportunity.  Genetic engineering is changing the way that game is played: our food sources represent the ability to keep us alive.  The plant kingdom provides our way of life - the reduction of carbon dioxide and water into sugars using sunlight seasonally is pure genius.  Nature has had a lot more time to work on this aspect of science than man has.

When you think about it, modern 20th century science technology in the recent has moved beyond the societies ability to grasp it.  The inequity caused by the breadth of scale would be enormous even if the playing field were square and level, which it's not.  What each of us has should be of little concern to others, with a grounded minimum that everybody requires set in stone.  Water, food, shelter, warmth;  the lowest tier can be covered readily at minimal cost.

Cost is the problem here - our means of accounting and distribution are badly skewed.   I like the concept of New Earth Nation and Humanity's Team, yet i wish the organizers would get off their need to micromanage process before setting up inclusion.  I am not going to agree to somebody else's pre-set rules on obligations and benefits within society without discussion, especially when they are set to maintain a group think already in existence.  New and fair means different for all, within a balanced approach that is inclusive, rather than exclusive.

The way to begin is through point source.  Every being is their own loci, we all circulate together as each and as one.  This concept means that selfishness and charity are the same concept.  Entities of comfort through love should go out of their way to accommodate, within reason.  When no single entity takes advantage and uses any more than they 'need' (broadened in definition), then the base grows as the resource base builds.  Hoarding is not necessary, free distribution is unlimited, as only people that really need the service, use the service.  However, service economies break down when some consume at a greater pace than most others.  Equality and equity are vastly different concepts.

At this point, perhaps Existence is relevant again.  The website is not maintained, but it is whole.  The pictures, descriptions and accounts of some  attempts at community circa 2010 have value in guiding folks in alternative direction.  Interesting to note that this is the opposite approach to modern science practice, which reports only successes and rewards the first thoughts on the scene.  We can be deeper, broader and stronger by quitting both built-in obsolescence and cognitive dissonance, and ridding ourselves of the insane notion of intellectual property ownership.

March to your own beat and enjoy the summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime...

Namaste' ... doc

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