June 02, 2014

Wavicle Whispers

The sounds that you hear influence your behavior. If silence were to take universal form, could you still communicate? As time rapidly increases in rate, humanity is accelerated into the void of space. Matter and energy meet in the form of a wavicle, that has a harmonic amplitude somewhere on the electromagnetic spectrum. 

Segregation into non-interactive timelines will thin the apparent population to manageable levels as each level of Gaia manifests its own destiny. That twelve Gaia's (Gaian sense levels) can ring about a central reality is an unprovable supposition - it makes mathematical sense within a Fibonacci format based on symmetry considerations.

Waves follow a sinusoidal pattern, where frequency and wavelength are related via mathematical equation. Definitions based upon relative measurements cannot provide absolute certainty. If our frequency increases due to harmonic vibrations of love emanating from our beings, then low density vibratory species become unable to sense our existence. The propensity for solid objects to vibrate in real time is zero. To be who we are requires a shift to a timeline where the pace of time is different from the existing field. The density of the particle nature of reality shifts with the wave vibration, necessarily because they are one and the same entity. Thus, the wavicle.

Size and time are intricately related. That space carries a 3d connotation of length, width and depth is built into the current illusion, based on the constantly morphing definitions of modern physics. Cartoon physics seems equally as viable - especially when the roadrunner and coyote step off the cliff. Beep, beep. The science of everything smaller than molecular chemistry requires measurement set up with a time constant that doesn't hold for the physical world that it measures.

Computers have changed the art of calculation and the constancy of numbers. The simple basis of all that is, is all that is. Smaller things are parts of larger things. The whole consists of many different levels, each related to each other, with next door neighbors being self-similar most of the time. The change in phase of a medium alters the wavicles density of vibration. Consider love and fear to be two media, similar to air and water or oil and vinegar. The light finds a path that bathes the entire system with high frequency, darkness fades from view as lumens accumulate, dark recedes.

Simple thoughts cannot arise from complexity. The illusion must dissolve for the real to enlighten. To really know something requires time spent being submersed in the concept of that which you wish to know. To follow without the limitation of watching the clock - such that form is all that form can be. When form takes shape and becomes apparent, we can readily see that form in other forms using those sense that we have refined based upon the former reality.

How can we make things simpler? Learn from your child and explain to your pet. The child needs to be able to formulate the ideas in expressible form - listening without speaking allows them to grasp the concepts of what they are saying, which helps them to connect the dots and integrate the entire learning experience and shape their future performance. 

Your pet will listen attentively as you say anything in the proper tone and conditioning - and will never respond negatively to any idea expressed simple without anger or emotion in the tone of voice. Unconditional love comes from dependent connections via food, shelter and attention.

Be where you need to be to observe the weigh thing are. Weighing things means gathering relative information about what you already know and what you wish to find out. If you predict the path that you will take, you have to leave open the ability to change direction when the information shifts. All streams and rivers used to meander over flood plains and ran for much more distance than its accumulated lengths. Imagine what would be if we stretched our intestines as taunt as our rivers. As we each absorb the mentality that we are Gaia, the perspective of Gaia that we share will transform from idea to action.

The rate of time is not constant, no matter how many cesium emissions are accumulated.  Focus directly onto any topic and you can lose track of time as you work out the ramifications of the implications of your visions and audio inputs. What if sound wasn't part of your frequency? Would you still hear the music and march to the beat of your own drummer? I certainly hope so.

Namaste'... doc

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